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The History Behind Our Modern Luxuries: Hot Tubs

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Everyone tries to obtain the American dream, the idea of living a comfortable life full of wealth, endless amounts of happiness, and houses full of luxuries that the common man only dreams about having. A house full of gold, a yard full of expensive toys, and a jet that can take you anywhere on a moment’s notice, all of this located on a private island upon which you’re the only inhabitant. There are some essential items that people think of when they think of luxury items. People think of a large home, they think of a fast sports car, they think of gold, and they also think of hot tubs. But what’s the history of hot tubs? And why is the hydrotherapy they provide as soothing and therapeutic today as it was thousands of years ago?

The Earliest Hot Tubs

Hot tubs, or things like hot tubs, have been used as hydrotherapy ever since 4th century B.C. This is made evident by the remains of wrecked marble bathtubs along with an aqueduct that has been unearthed from the area of Therma in Icaria. This bears testimony of the place’s popularity in the ancient times. In ancient Rome there were three types of baths: baths at home, private baths, and public baths. The practice of bathing was so ingrained and part of the Roman culture, that the Roman legions built their own baths at mineral and thermal springs in the newly conquered lands. Examples are found all over Europe. As early as 737 A.D, Japan began constructing ofuros, which were soaking tubs full of hot, steamy water.

Modern Hot Tubs

Hot tubs that we know of today weren’t created until the 1940s. These were inspired by the Japanese ofuro. Hydrotherapy pumps -water pumps that were specifically designed to help a person with blasts of water- were introduced by the Jacuzzi brothers, who founded a corporation that produces whirlpool bathtubs and hot tub spas. Fiberglass shell hot tubs appeared around 1970 and was soon replaced by acrylic shells, this change in design proved beneficial in cleanliness, while being easy-to-maintain.

Hot Tubs—Not Just for Fun

Hot tubs are used today for a multitude of reasons, and can be enjoyed by various ages. People can use them for their intended purpose of hydrotherapy, finding that the continuous blast of water on a sore spot aids in soothing aches and pains. They can be used for entertainment; having a bunch of people admire the quality of the tub while submerged in the relaxing waters, or just you and a significant other enjoying the relaxing, bubbling water as it helps create a mood. With a variety of purpose, hot tubs are truly a luxury item that many can enjoy today, just as many enjoyed in times gone by.

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