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What makes the most therapeutic hot tub?

What Makes the Most Therapeutic Hot Tub?

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A well-designed, therapeutic hot tub is a great addition to your lifestyle and routine. Warm water, relaxing jets, and powerful massages help you recover from your aches and pains.


Justin B., a hot tub owner, said of his spa, “There is nothing better then jumping in my Bullfrog Spa at the end of a long day. It’s not only relaxing but therapeutic. I’ve had it for over 6 months now, and can’t imagine not having it.”


Unfortunately, not every hot tub you find provides the soothing therapy you need. If you are looking for the best therapeutic hot tub, you’ll want to keep in mind these 4 things before investing in a particular hot tub:


  1. Jet Types
  2. Jet Placement
  3. Jet Power
  4. Jet Customization


As you can tell from this list, quality hot tub jets are the distinguishing feature between the most therapeutic hot tubs and the spas with poor hydrotherapy.


Here are some more details about what to look for in therapeutic spa jets.


Jet types


Hot tub technology has come a long way since the first spa jet was invented over 50 years ago. Hot tubs now have a variety of jets that provide several types of massages. Just as a massage therapist does not massage each of your muscles the same way, a hot tub’s jets should vary depending on the type of massage you are needing.


Here are a few examples of common jet types found in the best therapeutic spas and hot tubs:


firm hot tub jets
Firm Relief Jets: Steady pressure for the perfect blend of stress relief and relaxation to offer that “just right” feeling.
powerful hot tub jets
Deep Relief Jets: Deep tissue massage brought by powerful penetrating pressure.
single pulse hot tub jet
Single Pulse Jets: Slow, rhythmic, and deliberate pulsing action that loosens muscles and eliminates stress.


dual pulse hot tub jets
Dual Pulse Jets: Medium pressure massage with two rapidly pulsating spinning nozzles for deeper relaxation and stress relief.
kneading oscillator hot tub jets
Oscillator Jets: Deliberate, soothing, and therapeutic kneading action that covers a large area.
hot tub rain shower jets
RainShower Jets: A smooth and constant stream of gentle pressure that lightly massages a large area.


Some of these jets, such as the oscillator or deep relief jets are perfect for the large muscles on your back that often ache after a long day of hard work. On the other hand, some days you need a gentler massage to help you calm down and relax when you are stressed.


Don’t settle for a spa that lacks a variety of therapy types.


Jet Placements

wellness thumbnail
Thoughtful consideration should be given when hot tub engineers decide where to place jets in a spa. The largest, most powerful jets should be placed to target the main back and shoulder muscles. Additional jet placements can add the perfect finishing touch to your spa experience. These are often smaller jets that target your wrists, calves, and feet.


Look closely at all the jet placements and types before buying your hot tub.


Jet Power

hot tub alkalinity
Amateur hot tub companies often place too many jets thinking this will make customers more likely to buy from them. They like to brag about jet counts and rarely mention jet quality.


What they don’t realize is that having too many large jets can actually decrease the jet power and lead to a less therapeutic hot tub. This can happen due to low-quality spa pumps or not enough spa pumps based on the size of the spa and the quantity of jets.


The most therapeutic spas will have at least 2 pumps, although a smaller model can sometimes get away with just 1 pump. And having a mixture of both large and small jets placed throughout the spa will keep water pressure higher so you can enjoy deep, powerful massages.


What makes Bullfrog Spas the most therapeutic hot tub?


Jet Customization

outdoor hot tub jetpak personalization
A generic one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to therapy.


The best therapeutic hot tub is one in which you can customize the jet massages to target your unique aches and pains.


This is where Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak Therapy System comes in. This advanced system features 17 interchangeable JetPaks, each with a different massage type. You get to choose your own JetPak, place it in the seat that fits your height, and adjust the massage power to your preferred setting.


No other hot tub allows you to customize your spa therapy this much.


Jet Plumbing, Power, & Efficiency


In addition to customization, the JetPak Therapy System’s design provides more powerful jet massages because of its smarter plumbing design.


Because Bullfrog Spas are built with up to 90% less plumbing, water is able to move from the pumps to the jets with less friction. Less friction means more power and a more therapeutic spa experience.


As an added bonus, this smart plumbing design also makes Bullfrog Spas the most energy efficient hot tub in its class. You’ll save money and energy each month when compared to other hot tub brands.


Selecting Your JetPaks


With 17 JetPaks to choose from, you may be wondering which ones offer the right therapy options for you.


Here are a few recommendations of JetPaks you might consider based on the different muscle groups they target:


Lower back relief: FibroTherapy, DeepRelief, and Lumbar

Neck and shoulder relief: NeckBlaster and NeckMasseuse

Spinal relief: SpinalHealth and Spinal’ssage

Lateral and oblique relief: AcuTherapy, Alleviate, and Oscillator

Full back massage: Pulsator, RainShower, and Wellness


Most dealer showrooms even have a test spa where you can try out the JetPaks and see which ones you like best.



Therapeutic Hot Tub Reviews

“I’ll be honest, I never really thought of a hot tub as a “Spa”, but I was wrong. True, I’m not getting any younger, but the therapeutic benefits from this new Bullfrog spa are amazing. I feel so good after a session in this tub that it’s really hard to explain. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself!” – Terry E.
“Great therapeutic spa. My wife has both knee and back issues. Our Bullfrog Spas A7L is doing a great job in helping her with these issues.” – Bill R.


“The therapeutic JetPaks are awesome. Had a spa at our other house but did not compare to the Bullfrog.” – HD M.



Design Your Own Spa & Get a Price


Now that you’re familiar with what makes the best therapy hot tub, it’s time to design your own spa online. Choose the JetPak massages that meet your health needs as well as your favorite color combination and accessories. You’ll even get a price quote when you’re done.




Get an Instant Price Quote on a Hot Tub


Design Your Own Bullfrog Spa

Get an MSRP price quote on a Bullfrog Spa model in your area by starting with our Design Studio software. Build your spa just the way you like it. Once you finish, you’ll receive your instant price quote.




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