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How to Find the Best Luxury Hot Tub

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Let’s face it. We all need a little bit of luxury in our lives. The difference between us is where and how we choose to find it. Buying a hot tub that’s right for you is a big investment, and often requires a significant amount of research and effort on your part.

To make the research part easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of features and options that you should consider when looking for your ideal luxury hot tub.


Luxury Hot Tub Accessories


When you think of accessories, you probably think of add-ons and extras, kind of like shoes or belts when you’re making wardrobe purchases. In the hot tub market, not all accessories are optional, and many that are will be well worth the addition. In this case, it’s not all about luxury…or is it? We’ll let you decide what is important and what isn’t.


Personalized Therapy

This is one of those options that’s not optional. What this means is that it’s only available in certain Bullfrog Spas models, and not any other brands, and comes standard with most Bullfrog Spas. This is thanks to the Bullfrog Spas patented JetPak Therapy System™.

Each Bullfrog Spas JetPak® provides a unique hydromassage experience by targeting different areas of your back, neck, and shoulders and varies in power and intensity. This allows you to personalize your spa by selecting your favorite JetPak from up to eighteen different options, which can be changed out and moved around at your leisure.

However, these personalize therapy options are not an accessory that can be added on. It’s one of those things where your spa has them—or it doesn’t.


Audio System

In most cases, and with most brands, audio options are an add-on feature. Of course, as with all stereos, not all are created equally. Bullfrog Spas feature series-specific audio options that provide rich in-spa surround sound, a reliable and hidden in-wall speaker system, convenient locations to rest and charge devices, an in-spa subwoofer, and easy Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favorite playlists and podcasts directly from your smartphone, mobile device, or other digital audio player.



This is a tricky one, because some brands offer lighting upgrades, while others come with upgraded lighting built into the baseline models, and then improve with each step up. In the case of Bullfrog Spas, Premium Spa Lighting, each series comes with different lighting upgrades, from the X Series LED mood lighting, which can be upgraded to full-color backlit spa jets. The options move up from there, with R Series and A Series, to the M Series, which features premium LED surround lighting, full-color in-spa lighting, back-lit water features, lighted headrests, and impressive exterior rim lighting—all which is included in the M Series package.


Water Features

Nothing adds to the ambience of spa relaxation quite like a peaceful and relaxing waterfall. The soothing sounds of falling waters remind us of beautiful tropical cascades, transporting you in seconds to that tranquil place. When you’re choosing your spa, be sure to ask if the spa you’re considering includes a water feature, or can be upgraded to include one.


Spa Hammock

Exclusive to the Bullfrog Spas Swim Series, the Zero Gravity Spa Hammock provides a feeling like being freed from the heaviness of gravity’s grasp. The first-of-its-kind, patent-pending Zero Gravity Spa Hammock combines stretch suspension and buoyancy to create a zero-gravity effect that’ll take you out of this world.


WiFi App Availability

In today’s tech-driven world, there’s nothing more pleasing than the convenience of controlling something from your phone—or better yet, connecting it to your smart home devices. So it makes complete sense that you can now get a hot tub with smart features. Luxury hot tubs can be offered with smartphone compatibility, so you can control your hot tub from anywhere. At work and want to turn up the heater for later in the evening? You can do that! But only if the spa you choose has that option.


Design and Layout


How will the spa you’re considering look in your yard or next to your home? Is it large enough to fit the number of people who will be using it regularly? Does it come with a lounge seat or enough different seating options for all the sizes of people? Can you choose your interior and exterior colors according to your personal taste? These are important questions to ask yourself.

All Bullfrog Spas lines are available with multiple design and color options, which are periodically updated to remain sleek, stylish, and classy, no matter which options you choose. In addition to design options, each spa line offers a number of layout and size options that will ensure you’re able to choose exactly the right fit for you.


Easy Water Care Systems

What kind of water care system is offered with the spa you’re considering? How much time, maintenance, and expense will be required to keep the water clean, clear, and sanitary?

The FROG® @ease® for Bullfrog Spas water care system creates fresh clean mineral water, while self-regulating SmartChlor® technology maintains low chlorine levels. With FROG @ease in your spa, you’ll use up to 75% less chlorine, reducing the need for shock treatments to once a month, while protecting swimwear and skin.

Another Bullfrog Spas option is the EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System, which eliminates water impurities by generating ample amounts of O3 gas, combining it with spa water in an isolated high-contact mixing chamber, and then filtering out over 99% of excess ozone to prevent negative off-gassing effects.

These are, of course, just a few amazing options for water care, but can help you understand that not all water care systems are created equally.


Prices for Luxury Hot Tubs


The price of a luxury spa can start anywhere from $12,000 to $30,000 for a top-tier spa with upgrades, and up to $50,000 for luxury swim spas. The actual price can be affected by where you live and what it costs to get the spa shipped and delivered, especially if you go with a custom ordered model.

You should also consider energy efficiency, as this is another area where different brands are built with different types of pumps, plumbing, and energy usage. How much will your ideal spa cost to run and maintain? Does it have a good warranty, and what is the process for having warranty work done?


Best Luxury Hot Tub Brands

In an effort to give you the best, most unbiased information about this, we did some extensive research and created an article about the best hot tub brands. Or, if you prefer to consider a third-party opinion, created a list of the top ten luxury spas in January of 2022. You can find that list here.


Bullfrog Spas Luxury Hot Tub Models


Swim Series


Enjoy an upgraded backyard water experience unlike any other with the all-new Swim Series by Bullfrog Spas® in this performance class spa.



Available Seats: 9

JetPak Count: 4

Spa Class: Performance




Available Seats: 13

JetPak Count: 4

Spa Class: Performance




M Series


This elite class spa combines captivating aesthetics with unmatched versatility and ease of use. M Series™ spas are the pathway to a peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home.

spas m9-scaled


Available Seats: 10

JetPak Count: 7

Spa Class: Elite


spas m8-scaled


Available Seats: 9

JetPak Count: 6

Spa Class: Elite


spas m7-scaled


Available Seats: 9
JetPak Count: 6
Spa Class: Elite


spas m6-scaled


Available Seats: 7
JetPak Count: 4
Spa Class: Elite



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