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Empower your business with the world’s fastest-growing spa brand!

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Helping Spa Dealers Maximize Their Investment

As a small business owner, you’re fully invested in your business. You’re invested in your showroom. You’re invested in your staff. And you’re invested in product lines you truly believe in.

At Bullfrog Spas we do everything we can to help you maximize your investment in each area of your business, a concept we call Power per Square Foot. It starts with our retail experts helping you to transform your retail space and display into a completely satisfying customer experience, but also extends into other areas where we believe we can help enhance what you’re already doing well.

Maximize your investment with Power per Square Foot today!

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Powerful Product, Differentiated by Technology

No other hot tub brand gets requested by name more often and it’s easy to see why. When you can offer a patented product, with truly unique features, your competitors simply can’t compete.

Bullfrog Spas are the world’s only hot tubs available with the patented JetPak Therapy System. JetPaks allow you to offer a fully customized spa at the time of initial purchase with tremendous upsale and aftermarket potential in the future. And Bullfrog’s build quality and engineering are second to none.

Customers notice the difference and insist on Bullfrog Spas above all the other conventional spas in the marketplace.

Stand out in your marketplace!

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Powerful Support, People You Can Trust

We’ve been building incredible spas for more than 20 years. But we’ll let you in on a little secret, Bullfrog Spas was really built on the strength of our people. We hear our dealers and we are here for you.

From your dedicated dealer support representative, to our regional management, marketing, manufacturing, and warranty staff, our people make it easy to do business with Bullfrog Spas.

People you can trust!

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Programs to Help You Succeed

Does your current manufacturer understand your unique circumstances? Do they seem to care?

At Bullfrog Spas we understand spa dealers. We’ve been there and we recognize that your business is unique. You are not like everybody else and that’s exactly the way it should be.  Bullfrog Spas gives you more opportunities to succeed with unmatched dealer education and training, along with flexible programs to fit your business, your marketplace, and your unique set of circumstances.

Powerful programs for your unique business!

Dedicated Support Staff
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Whether your interested in Bullfrog Spas Dealership opportunities, the Bullfrog Spas Ambassador program, or just need a little more information, we are happy to help. A professional regional business manager in your area will be happy to have a simple conversation over the phone or set up a formal in-person consultation with you in your store.

Fill out the form to request more information on Bullfrog Spas dealership/ambassador opportunities or to request your free in-person business consultation.