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Exclusive for Swim Series™

The Swim Series Swim Tether provides an exceptional experience for swimmers of all skill levels. Simply strap the belt to your waist and swim unencumbered for a high resistance, low-impact workout.

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Step 1: Connect the poles together using the silver metal connector, with the thickest pole on the bottom and the thinner one on top.

Step 2: Find base plate in Swim Series spa, located on the lounge side middle. Snap pole securely into the corresponding hole.

Step 3: Hook the carabiner to the top of the assembled pole, facing the propulsion side.

Step 4: Connect the resistance band to the carabiner. 

Step 5: Connect the fitness band strap to the resistance band. 

Step 6: Connect the fitness band strap to the resistance band. 

Step 7: Buckle swim belt around waist and adjust for size.

Step 8: Begin swimming and enjoy! 

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