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Strength and Stretch


Exclusive for Swim Series™

The simple, multifunctional fitness kits come equipped with a proprietary adjustable row bar, handles, or resistance bands of different lengths and intensities for a variety of full-body workout options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Using Your Row Bar

Step 1: Connect both medium-length resistance bands to the connector on the row bar (found in the middle).

Step 2: Facing the propulsion side of the spa, sit on the exercise seat and connect each band to the nearest anchor point on either side of the Swim Series spa. 

Step 3: Connect the fitness band strap to the row bar, between the two resistance bands so it is in the middle, and adjust to your preferred length.

Step 4: Loop the long resistance band through the strap and attach either end to the anchor points at the propulsion end of the spa.

Step 5: Readjust the fitness band strap as needed.

Step 6: Return to sitting in the exercise seat to begin your workout.

Instructions for Using Your Fitness Band Handles

Step 1: Return to sitting in the exercise seat to begin your workout.

Step 2: Attach each of the remaining ends of fitness bands to an anchor point on the lounge end of the Swim Series spa.

Step 3: Sit in exercise seat and press handles forward for a shoulder and upper body workout.


Stand and turn, bracing feet in the footwell to pull handles back for a back-focused workout.

Instructions for Using Your Ankle Straps

Step 1: Choose the longest-length fitness band and attach it to an ankle cuff. Repeat with the second ankle cuff and the same length of band.

Step 2: Attach the other end of either fitness band to an anchor point at the propulsion end of the Swim Series spa.

Step 3: Place one ankle cuff around each ankle, and stand.

Step 4: Use the bar (located above the water level, center of the propulsion end) to keep yourself balanced against the resistance bands.

Step 5: Raise and lower each leg in a scissoring motion to work out inner and outer thigh and glute muscles.

Step 6: Be careful not to slip! Enjoy your workout.

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