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U.S. Patent No.Bullfrog Products
8881321Each Bullfrog spa is built with the patented EnduraFrame support structure:
-M Series spas
-STIL spas
-A Series spas
-R Series spas
-X Series spas
D862718Bullfrog walk-in display spa
10,518,202Filter Core Cage & Cap Assembly
10,679,421Bullfrog walk-in display spa
10,925,805Energy Efficient Heating Technologies
10,972,305CloudControl 2 Module
10,934,729M Series Spas available with Patio Performance cover and built-in smart sensors
2,016,430,233A/R/X/STIL Filter system
5,754,989JetPak I
6,092,246JetPak I
6,000,073Plumbing for JetPak I and 2 pumps
6,543,067JetPak I
334,093JetPak I
737,335JetPak I
2,260,237JetPak I
2,004,324,468JetPak I
CA 2,588,884JetPak I
1,811,884JetPak I
555,112JetPak I
7,908,684JetPak I
8,661,576JetPak I
8,689,370Jetpak Jet
2,013,337,267Jetpak II
CA 2893863Jetpak II
EP2914232Jetpak II
708,851Jetpak II
9,662,268Jetpak II
2,016,200,453Cabinet Attachment
CA 2,915,184Cabinet Attachment
9,713,571Cabinet Attachment