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How to Get the Best Hot Tub for the Price

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Are you considering a hot tub, but unsure which one to get? If you’re someone who likes getting a great deal on new products without compromising on quality, you’re probably looking to get the best hot tub for the price.


The best value hot tubs will not only save you money, but they will still be able to provide the therapeutic and fun benefits of spas and last reliably for years.


To get the best hot tub for the money, you first need to decide which features are most important to you. The more features your spa has, the more money you will spend up front. By deciding which hot tub features you can go without, you can hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the price tag.


Below are some common features to look into.




Powerful and relaxing jets are the most sought after feature of a hot tub. This is an area that you probably don’t want to skimp on. The best hot tub brands feature customizable jets so you can target the specific muscles that ache in your body.


However, if your primary purpose of buying a hot tub is to entertain friends or family and don’t feel the need for a therapeutic spa, you may want to spend less on jets and more on some of the fun features below.


Water Features


Water features in hot tubs can provide a more enjoyable experience when relaxing in your spa. The soothing sound of a waterfall can help you calm your mind, while more exciting water features can add to your entertainment.


When choosing a spa, check to see if the water features are standard options or require an upgrade fee.


Audio Systems


A built-in spa audio system enhances the time you spend in your hot tub. Connect your phone to your hot tub via Bluetooth to play upbeat songs to improve your outdoor party, or choose a relaxing playlist to help you unwind.


Most audio systems are optional, so you can save some money on your hot tub if you choose not to get one.




Most hot tubs allow you to choose the color of both the exterior cabinets and the interior shell. Keep in mind that hot tub companies offer premium options that might have an upgrade fee.


These are perfect for you if you care about design and want your hot tub to integrate seamlessly into your backyard landscape.


If design isn’t one of your priorities, however, choose standard colors on your cabinets and shells.




It’s a good idea to get steps for easy access to get in your spa. However, depending on where you place your spa, such as next to a deck or patio, you may have an easy way to get in your spa without hot tub steps.


Covers and Cover Lifters


It’s recommended to get a spa cover to keep children safe as well as to keep your spa water clean, and there are different options for helping you remove the cover when you plan on using it.


If you’re not as youthful and strong as you once were, you may consider a more advanced lift system that requires no physical effort on your part. Otherwise, you should be able to save money by getting a simpler cover lifter.


More ways to get the best hot tub for the money


Keep in mind that going cheap upfront can cost you in the long run if you compromise on quality.


Like any common appliances such as a refrigerator, or any leisure products such as an RV, you’ll incur some costs over time to use and maintain your spa. Low quality parts and features will only end up costing you more money after all is said and done.


To get the best value for your hot tub over time, consider these 3 things:


1. Quality parts


Pay special attention to what the spa frame and base are made out of. Wood or metal hot tub frames are outdated and will rot or rust from bad weather. And check hot tub reviews to see if there are trends about low quality spa pumps, electrical components, or other parts.


2. Energy efficiency


If a hot tub has trouble staying hot, you’ll notice a big difference in your energy bill. Look for a hot tub with an advanced plumbing design and full foam insulation to help you save money over time on your spa.


3. Water care


If your hot tub doesn’t have good water care systems to keep your spa water clean and clear, you’ll end up spending more money on chemicals, not to mention the extra time you’ll spend cleaning the spa and balancing chemicals. You might want to consider investing upfront in a hot tub with simple water care to avoid long term costs and hassle.


What’s Next?


Now that you know how to get the best hot tub for the price, it’s time to design your own spa online.


Select the model, jets, and accessories you need and get a price quote. You’ll also be sent information about your local hot tub dealer so you can get the help you need purchasing your dream spa. Your dealer can also let you know of any incentives or sales on their hot tubs.






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