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Your guide to hot tub jets

The Best Hot Tub Jets: A Guide to Understanding Spa Jets

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If you’re planning on buying a hot tub for its therapy and relaxation benefits, it’s important you understand hot tub jets before deciding on a hot tub brand.


There are different jet types, sizes, and power, so you’ll want to make sure to get a hot tub with the right jets for you.


Read on to learn about how spa jets work, what types are available, and which hot tub has the best jets.


How do hot tub jets work?


There is a bit of science that goes into creating the best hot tub jets, including the Venturi effect, but let’s keep it simple. There are 4 basic steps that need to happen for a hot tub jet to work.


    1. A pump moves the water through the pipes towards the jets
    2. An air intake valve allows in air which mixes with the water
    3. The pipe diameter decreases which compresses the water and air
    4. The water and air are released through a small opening


The best spa jets have the correct mix of water and air in the jet. This provides ideal massage power so it’s not too strong or too weak.


Now that you know the basics about how a spa jet works, let’s learn about the different massage types a hot tub can provide.


What types of hot tub jets are there?


Here’s a list of hot tub jet types you can expect to find while researching hot tub brands.


Rotating single pulse jets



Rotating single pulse jets provide a slow and deliberate pulsing action that rhythmically loosens muscles and eliminates stress. They feel especially great on your shoulder blades.


Rapid double pulse jets



Rapid double pulse jets provide a medium pressure massage with 2 rapidly pulsating spinning jet nozzles for deep relaxation and stress relief. They feel especially great around your spine.


Kneading oscillator jets



Kneading oscillator jets provide a unique and deliberate kneading action that is both therapeutic and soothing. They can cover a large area at a time and feel especially great on your lower back.


Soothing shower jets



Soothing shower jets provide a smooth and lightly relaxing massage with a constant stream of gentle pressure. They are perfect for relaxation and meditation and tickle your entire back at once.


Powerful deep relief jets



Powerful deep relief jets provide an intense, deep-tissue massage with a focused deep penetrating pressure. They are the most powerful hot tub jets and can feel great on your neck or on the pesky knots in your back.


Relaxing firm relief jets



Relaxing firm relief jets provide a steady pressure that is favored for its “just right” feel and perfect blend of stress relief and relaxation. They feel great all over your back and leave you feeling refreshed.


Target therapy jets



Target therapy jets are placed throughout the spa at key tension areas. This jet provides a firm pressure to relieve specific muscle groups such as your calves or lower back.


Mini target therapy jets



Mini target therapy jets provide a steady stream of powerful targeted therapy for the wrists, hands, and forearms.


Dual pulse foot therapy jets



Dual pulse foot therapy jets provide a pulsing and relaxing massage for the soles of your feet dialed to just the right intensity.


Interchangeable jets


Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs to provide interchangeable JetPaks®. You can choose between 16 unique JetPak massages, place the JetPak in the seat that fits your height, and adjust the power. That way you can customize your hot tub to massage your unique aches and pains.


Which hot tub has the strongest jets?



There are several factors that lead to a hot tub having the strongest jets. Look for the following when researching hot tubs.




In general, a hot tub with strong jets will have two pumps, each with high horsepower.




Plumbing also makes a big difference. The more pipes and the farther the water has to travel, the less power there will be. That’s why Bullfrog Spas built their hot tubs completely different. They use up to 90% less plumbing to maximize the power you can get out of your spa jets.


Air/water mixture


As mentioned before, the best hot tub jets will have the correct mixture of water and air so you get just the right amount of power.


Jet opening


Hot tub jets with smaller openings generally feel more powerful. Keep in mind, however, that these jets target less area on the back at once than a jet with a large opening.




Having too many jets that are designed to be extra powerful can lead to low water pressure and poor jet performance. It’s important to have a variety of jet types throughout the spa so you can enjoy different types of massages depending on your therapy needs each day.


Which hot tub has the most jets?


Simply having the most jets in a hot tub doesn’t necessarily mean it provides the best therapy. The Bullfrog Spas A9L could technically have up to 318 individual jets if you put a RainShower JetPak in every seat. However, the RainShower JetPak may not appeal to everyone who plans on using your spa.


It’s better to have a variety of jets with different strengths and massage types. The Bullfrog Spas A9L, when equipped with the manufacturer recommended JetPaks, will instead have 98 individual jets. This recommended combination provides the ideal amount of variety and power.


Now that you know all about hot tub jets, it’s time to choose which jets you want in your spa. Design a Bullfrog Spa online by selecting the button below. You can choose your spa capacity, colors, jets, and features. You’ll even receive a price quote from your local store.



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