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Hot Tub Sales: How to Get the Best Deal on a Spa

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We all love a great sale. Seriously, if we didn’t, why else would so many people camp outside the doors of certain retail outlets every major holiday? Hello, Thanksgiving. Forget the turkey. I’m after a giant TV and the year’s hottest toy. In this case, you are looking buy a hot tub on sale.

But having to fight for your ideal hot tub is slightly less than ideal, especially since a hot tub is intended to create more opportunities for relaxation, not anxiety or stress. But still. Who doesn’t love a great bargain? It’s kind of a treasure hunt mentality. Human beings are drawn to the hunt for a steal, especially when it comes to large purchases like spas. And if you’re in training to become a pro spa shopper, we’ve got the spa sale-finding tips you’re looking for.


How Do I Find a Hot Tub Sale Near Me?


when is the best time to buy a spa


There are a number of ways to keep up with your favorite retail dealers. Shopping coupons and ads is a tried-and-true method of true bargain shoppers, watching for media messaging and other hints that a sale is coming, and then there’s keeping up with local events and special occasions, such as fairs and festivals.


When looking for the best value, you’ll want to keep an eye/ear out for additional rebates, discounts, accessory inclusions, package deals that include delivery and installation costs, and retailers that offer financing options. Sources include:


  • Brand websites
  • Dealer websites
  • Local home magazines
  • Coupon mailers
  • Radio ads
  • Signage in and outside stores (banners, flags, balloons)
  • Billboards
  • Social media
  • Local digital bulletin boards

Pro-tip: to be among the first to get the details about your local hot tub dealer’s upcoming events and sales, follow their social media accounts and sign up for emails because this is the best way to know about upcoming promotions as soon as possible. Sometimes, this is another way to get a little something extra that walk-in customers don’t know to ask about. Like free T-shirts or chemical additives or other fun things.


When Do Hot Tubs Go On Sale?

The most important step in becoming an expert shopper is to figure out the timing of when to buy your spa. It’s all about patience, knowing when it’s time to wait or to pull the trigger. The awesome thing about hot tubs is that there is almost always some kind of great deal happening. And if it’s not happening now, it’s about to. In this case, it’s more about what type of deal is most beneficial to you.

Like electronics and other hot-ticket items, hot tub sales tend to revolve around major holidays and seasonal occasions. Think Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and then winter year-end sales, fall specials, spring flings, and summer blowouts.

If the spa you want isn’t on sale right now, it’s could be soon. In general, you can also ask your local dealer if they have any incentives they could offer you if you purchased today in order to get a great deal.


Where Can I Find the Best Hot Tub Sale?

There are so many places to look to get your hot tub on a special deal. You can generally find deals through either the brand/manufacturer or at the local retailer level.


Brand and Manufacturer Sponsored Sales

Most reputable brands and manufacturers run special deals on a regular basis and encourage their dealer network to participate. These manufacturers generally offer deals like rebates, free accessory upgrades, or special financing offers.


Dealership Sponsored Sales

In addition to your favorite spa brand running a sale, often your local spa retailer will run promotions of their own. Some of the best ways to get a deal through them is by purchasing a floor model spa or a refurbished or blemished spa. Dealers often run promotions that include free spa chemical packages or a certain percentage or dollar figure off their normal price.


Hot Tub Tent Sales

Often, you can find a great deal at a hot tub tent sale or parking lot sale. Sometimes they are held at the dealership’s parking lot and other times they are at a nearby mall, country or state fair, or other off-site location or event. Dealers sometimes also partner with someone like Costco to try to promote their spas. If you’re buying from an off-site location, it’s important to verify that you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer. Here are a few questions you should ask:


  • Who will deliver my spa?
  • If my spa needs service, who will I call?
  • Do you have a service department and what do they cover?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer, and how would I receive a warranty service if required?

Avoid purchasing from a company that is just in town to sell spas and then will leave without providing service or warranty work in the future.


What Kind of Hot Tub Sales are There?


spa dealer showroom


When it comes time to search for a hot tub sale, here are specifics you can ask your local dealer about:


  • Dealer coupons
  • Manufacturer/factory rebates
  • Military discounts
  • Previous customer discounts
  • Referral discounts
  • Special events sales
  • Tent sales
  • Parking lot sales


It’s important to note a couple of common mistakes buyers make when shopping for spas. First, there’s the assumption you can get by with a cheaper spa. Not surprisingly, less expensive spas tend to wear out faster (3-5 years) than more reliable models (10-15 years).


The focus throughout the buying process should be wholly centered on value rather than price. Do your research and pick a reputable dealer with a reliable product.



What is Considered a Good Discount or Rebate on a Spa?

Anytime you find a price that’s lower than the sticker on the spa, you’re on the right path. Bullfrog Spas’ dealers’ partner with the manufacturer to offer some of the best deals out there. We’ve offered discounts and rebates, as well as throwing in chemical packages and other accessories.


Final Advice

If you weren’t a professional bargain shopper before, you should be well on your way now. Just remember, the best way to find exactly what you want at the best price available is to know what you’re looking for in a spa first. Then sign up for emails, follow social media, and attend special events, and you’ll be heading toward the professional-level bargain shopper status you’re trying to achieve. Plus, you’ll get the best deal on the best spa. It’s a win-win!


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