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The Ultimate Guide to Five Person Hot Tubs

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A five-person spa is a great option for those wanting a medium-sized hot tub. If you aren’t certain about the size of hot tub you’re wanting, 5 is an excellent place to start. It’s perfect for any family, friend, or neighbor get-together.


This guide will discuss the many questions that come before owning a five-person spa as well as factors to consider when choosing one. We also offer a buying guide to five-person hot tub to help you get the most bang for your buck.


Dimensions of a Five-Person Hot Tub

Depending on which brand you’re looking at, the dimensions of any hot tub are going to vary one way or another, but as a rule of thumb, these spas are generally between six to eight feet in length, five to seven feet in width, and three to four feet in diameter. Five-person spas can be circular, squared, or slightly rectangular in shape.


Layout Options


When it comes to the layout of a five-person spa, you have a range of options to choose from as 5 person spas are some of the bigger spa choices. Similar to a six-person spa, most commonly, this spa has a jetted seat in each of four corners, and then another one on each of two sides, while the other sides allow for entry/exit steps, and filter placement. In some cases, a spa might have a lounge seat that allows for one person to lounge, while two additional seats are located in each corner and side of the spa. A round hot tub option usually has bench seating.


How Many Gallons of Water Does a Five-Person Hot Tub Hold?


Speaking of filling and maintaining your spa, you may be wondering how many gallons a five-person hot tub can hold. Most hold between 300-400 gallons of water. It sounds like a lot, but when you consider the amount of time spa water lasts versus how many gallons it takes to fill a regular-sized bathtub (around 80 gallons) or to run your shower for ten minutes (25 gallons), that’s not an unreasonable amount of water.


How Much Does a Five-Person Hot Tub weigh?


Keep in mind that each brand and size is going to vary widely, but generally, most five-person hot tubs weigh 500-1000 pounds empty, and then with water and people, can get up between 3,500-5,000 lbs.

The one exception here would be the inflatable variety of hot tubs, which start out around 70lbs, empty. And around 3,200-4,000 lbs. of water with people.


Can I Get a Five-Person Plug and Play Spa?

Although most plug-and-play (110V) model spas are made to seat two to three people, you will be able to find a couple of 110 V Spa options that fit 5 people. The Bullfrog Spas X6R model for example can be custom ordered in a 110 V configuration. Keep in mind that plug-and-play spas don’t have the same amount of power as other spas and, because of this, aren’t able to produce the same amount of massaging jet power.


Five Person Hot Tub Prices

The price of a five-person hot tub can vary depending on the brand, features, and materials used. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for a high-quality five-person hot tub. Some features to consider are brand, features, materials, size, and delivery.


Our Five-Person Bullfrog Spas Model Picks



spas m6-scaled

Take a deep breath and unwind in this premium-level, space-saving spa. Four custom-chosen JetPaks are backed up by two therapy pumps—offering the ultimate in powerful therapy. This luxury spa is fitted with a multi-function auxiliary control and includes more seating and premium features than any space-saving spa on the market.



The A6L would be considered a small hot tub, but this premium spa provides nearly all the features of spas that take much more space. Compact on the outside, the A6L is a popular hot tub for singles, urbanites, and small families. The A6L seats 4 adults comfortably and can actually seat up to 6 people, yet it still fit on most decks, balconies and patios.



The X6L spa is a compact hot tub that is comfortable, saves space and is built for versatility. Boasting unmatched space and comfort for its size, the X6L actually provides seating for up to 6. Intense hydrotherapy is provided by a comfortable lounger and corner captain’s seats.



The X6R spa is a fun and value packed round hot tub for up to 5-6 people. The classic round spa design offers a perfect layout for conversation and fun with friends and family and the X6R won’t break your budget.


Five-Person Hot Tub Reviews

Read what others have to say about the best hot tubs for 5 people.


“I am very pleased with the overall performance of the X6R. It is perfect for the two of us, and is easy to maintain.” – Ed S.


“This is my first hot tub ever. Even though it is a five person spa, it does not feel too big for this single woman. I love the different jet arrangements at each seat, and I move around as needed. And it is just right when I have a couple of friends in.” – Mary M.


“It is quiet, and comfortable. It has been easy to service. I do have the ozonator as well. The pump is strong so the jets do a great job. I like the positioning of the jets, and the round size is great for my deck. ” – Joe M.



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