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What are the Average Hot Tub Sizes? | Hot Tub Size Guide

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If you are considering whether you should invest in a hot tub, you’re probably wondering what size of a hot tub is best for your family and situation. There are so many details to consider, for example;


  • What are your individual spa needs?
  • How big is your backyard, and how will a spa mesh with the aesthetics of your home?
  • Who will be using it, and how many people can you expect to be sitting in it at once?


Here are a few details that might help you narrow down the choices to decide which one is right for you.


So What is the Average Hot Tub Size?


It depends on what size of hot tub you’re looking for. Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, but the average medium spa is typically 7ft x 7ft x 3ft or 2.13m x 2.13m x 0.91m (length x width x height). However, some spas can reach 8ft x 9ft x 3ft 2in or 2.44m x 2.74m x 0.97m to include more seating room and jets.


How much area you have determines what size is right for you. We will go over each size, small, medium, and large, to help you figure out what is best for you!


Average Small Hot Tub Sizes (Compact)


small hot tub size


If you have limited space or a tight size requirement, you’re most likely looking for a small-size hot tub. The first thing you should probably do is measure your specific area and figure out your ideal size to fit those requirements.


Next, consider how many people you plan to have using the spa at any given time.


The average small-size spas are 7ft x 5ft x 2ft 7in or 2.13ft x 1.52ft x 0.79m and can come slightly bigger or smaller. These spas can seat between 2 to 5 people, though 6 is probably a stretch. The Bullfrog Spas® small-size spa lineup includes the Modern Class Stil5, the Luxury Class A5L, the Premium Class R5L, and the Comfort Class X5L, X6R, and X6L.


Average Medium Hot Tub Sizes


medium sized hot tub


A medium-sized hot tub can be a more comfortable option if you’re not as limited in space. These tubs are, on average, 7ft x 7ft x 3ft or 2.13m x 2.13m x 0.91m, meaning they can seat between 6 and 8 people, allowing more room for stretching out.


The price tag falls in the middle range, too, which means there are many well-outfitted model options and an extensive list of add-ons. Medium-size hot tubs are the bestselling size, as they tend to be more price-conscious while allowing for more users at one time. The lineup of mid-sized Bullfrog Spas includes the Elite Class M6, the Modern Class Stil7, the Luxury Class A6L, A6, A7L, A7, and the Premium Class R7L, R7, and the Comfort Class X7L, and X7.


Average Large Hot Tub Sizes


large hot tub size


Let’s face it. If you have plenty of space and ample funds (or financing ability), a large-size hot tub is a giant party vessel or a group-relaxation retreat—your choice. If you have a large family or plan to invite several friends to benefit from your investment, this could be the option you’d want.


Large hot tubs are typically 8ft x 9ft x 3ft 2in or 2.44m x 2.74m x 0.97m, depending on the number of seats. These large spas can seat 8 to +10 people.


Any bigger than that, and you’re into the swim-spa category (which Bullfrog now offers), but that’s an entirely different discussion. The Bullfrog Spas large-spa lineup includes the Elite Class M7, M8, M9, the Luxury Class A8, A8D, A8L, A9L, the Premium Class R8L, and R8, and the Comfort Class X8 and X8L, all of which have several excellent add-on options to customize your experience further.


If you have room for a large spa you most likely would have room for a swim spa. Swim spas come in all sizes but on average swims spas are 9ft x 12ft x 4ft or 2.74m x 3.66m x 1.22m and can sit up to 15 people.


Bullfrog Spas offers the S150 and S200 in the Performance Class.


The Bottom Line


In the end, deciding which hot tub is best suited for you is a personal decision. Bullfrog Spas allows each customer to personalize their spa through our JetPak™ choices, color options, and more.


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