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Family Hot Tubs

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The Best Hot Tub Experiences, You Don’t See Them on Reality TV

Hot Tub Stereotypes


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Hot tubs have received a bad rap over the years. We all know the largely unfair, yet persistent, stereotypes. It started in the 70s and 80s when apparently only people that looked like Burt Reynolds or Farrah Fawcett used hot tubs.

Today, just watch one episode of the Jersey Shore, the Bachelor, or any other crappy reality show for slightly updated, mustache-less, stereotypes.

But, this is not all that hot tubs are.

Know Where Your Kids Are

It’s time that hot tubs are given their due as great places for family-friendly fun times. I think back to the days when I, as a youngster, begged my parents to get a hot tub – no luck. However, my friend’s family had one and it was an enjoyable and very non-sketchy place for myself and all of our wholesome fun-loving friends to hang out. I’m sure our parents were glad to know where we were and that we weren’t out causing massive mayhem.

Quality Time

As I’ve become acquainted with today’s hot tub business, there have been many occasions when I’ve heard parents tell stories about how there hot tub has become a favorite family activity and a place for real quality time with their children. I can recall a father that nearly started weeping while he told us about his son opening up and sharing a deep and meaningful conversation while they relaxed in the spa.

modern familiy hot tub

The Modern Family Hot Tub

Today’s modern family hot tub is a great place for families to have fun. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents and children to chat and to have fun. It’s a wonderful place for mom to escape and unwind and for dad to relax and to relieve stress. Does this sound a little too idyllic for your family? Yeah, mine too, but I can confirm that the best family hot tubs do tend to make everyone very happy.

Earn Superhero Parent Status

Want to win parent of the year? Or at least be described as much less lame in your children’s texts? A family hot tub may just be your first step towards superhero status in the eyes of your kids.


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AUTHOR - Jake Ricks

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