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Finding the Best Family Hot Tub: What to Consider & How to Choose

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You know that a spa is good for you as an individual, but did you know it can also be good for your family?


Whether it’s a fun place to play with little ones or an excuse to get teenagers away from their phones, hot tubs offer peace and quality time for every family. Check out some of the benefits of having a hot tub and tips you need to know to find the best spa for your family this year.


Why Buy a Family Hot Tub?


Family time in spa
Even though families will have different reasons for wanting a hot tub, there are a few things that apply to everyone.


Hot Tubs Create Family Bonding Time


Hot tubs make way for families to spend some quality time together. Instead of watching a TV show or movie, you can get away from the whirlwind of distractions and make conversation.


Mom or dad aren’t going to bring their laptop to “just get a little work done.” Your son or daughter isn’t likely to risk getting their phone wet just to send a couple of texts or stare endlessly at their Instagram feed.


With a hot tub, you will all have an opportunity to connect to something besides the Wi-Fi.


Hot Tubs Offer Luxury & Relaxation


After a busy day, why not treat yourself to a luxurious spa session? You can melt away all the tension, stress, and aches that accumulated throughout the day.


Better yet, you’ll be surrounded by your loved ones. Family spas can fit up to 10 adults, making it a cinch to ease everyone into a healthier state of mind and body at the end of the day. It might even help your kids go to fall asleep faster, which means more free time for you!



Hot tubs entertain guests


From the dawn of time, children of all ages have gathered at the “cool house”—the home of that special friend with the best pool, trampoline, video games, or hot tub.


This concept applies to adults as well. They can invite their neighbors over for dinner and some downtime in the spa. Relaxing in the hot tub and interacting in stimulating conversation is likely easier (and more fun) than trying to talk friends into watching your favorite TV show.


How Do You Choose the Best Hot Tub? 6 Features to Think About


When you’re looking for a family hot tub, there are six features to keep in mind. Use these to help you choose wisely.


1. Size


What would be the point of hot tubs if they didn’t fit everyone comfortably? Size matters.


At Bullfrog Spas, we offer three- to 10-person hot tub models. It’s good to have some wiggle room so everyone is comfortable, and you can accommodate extra people if needed. So if it’s just you and your spouse, a three- or four-person hot tub would serve you well.


Be sure to look into the dimensions of the hot tub model as well; you’ll want to ensure it will fit in your outdoor space.


2. Seating


When looking at size, you also need to consider seating. Your family hot tub should have various seat depths to accommodate family members of differing heights. You don’t want your toddler submerged up to her eyeballs or dad with the water level barely to his belly-button.


It also doesn’t hurt to have customizable jets so everyone in the family can get the kind of massage they like best in the seat where they most enjoy sitting.


3. Easy Maintenance


Do you really want to spend your time measuring chemicals? Many people are concerned about owning a hot tub due to the maintenance. But rest assured, with the right spa, you won’t have to worry about this.


The best family hot tubs will have a water system that makes them easy to care for.
A good example of this is Bullfrog Spa’s simple water care package, which filters, purifies, and automatically regulates the levels of chemicals in your spa water.


4. Fun & Customizable Features


Color-changing lights, cool water jets, and control panels give you power over every aspect of your spa, but no one loves these things more than kids. To them, the buttons on the control panel seem like magic, and the jets below the water can be anything from conquerable monsters to unexplored wonders.


Bullfrog Spas adds to this with a sound system and an app that allows you to control your hot tub without moving from your favorite seat. This creates a sense of wonder that anyone in the family can appreciate.


5. Child Safety


We’ve covered a lot of the fun and exciting things about owning a spa, but what about keeping your kids safe when you’re not there? Or, for that matter, even when you are there?


One option to keep your kids out of the spa when you’re away from home is to make sure you have a cover with a locking mechanism. A quality cover won’t only keep your water warm and clean, but it will keep your little ones safe.


Another thing to consider is how much time your kids are spending in the water and just how hot it is. Here are a few guidelines for keeping them happy and healthy:


  • Children under the age of five should never be allowed in a hot tub.
  • Set the temperature at or below 95 degrees if you have kids in the hot tub.
  • Don’t let children in the hot tub stay in the water longer than 10 or 15 minutes at a time.


6. Price


Finding the right hot tub that meets your budget can be tricky. You’ll notice that while a three- to four-person model is more affordable, it might be too small for your family. But when looking at larger eight-person hot tubs, the price may be slightly over your budget.


The good news is, by selecting a brand that lets you customize your hot tub design, you can opt-out of high-end features and gadgets like audio and lighting systems to help lower the price.


To ensure you’re investing in reliability and efficiency, you need to prioritize well. This means finding a hot tub that:


  • Fits all of your family members comfortably.
  • Carries child safety features if you have kids.
  • Provides adjustable temperature settings.
  • Offers easy cleaning and maintenance.


Once you’ve found a hot tub that meets the above criteria, you can then look into those high-end features if you have room in your budget.



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