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Three Awesome Alternate Uses For Hot Tubs

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It is no secret that a hot tub is a great place for relaxation. In fact, most people use their hot tub exclusively to relax and relieve stress. Others entertain and throw small, intimate parties in their backyards with the hot tub adding to the atmosphere and fun. However, in addition to entertaining and relaxation, the hot tub has additional benefits. Here are a few.


Recovery after extreme training

Hot tubs are beneficial for people undertaking a rigorous physical training schedule. It helps muscles recover as it loosens up tightened muscle fibers. It can also stimulate blood flow to different parts of the body. It can help you prepare for your next workout by reducing recovery time, especially if you are training for a marathon or triathlon  People new to working out can relax sore muscles by soaking in a hot tub. It’s also helpful to soak when you have decided to take your training to another level. Your body may have a hard time adapting to the new physically demanding schedule and sore muscles are a natural result.



Improving sleeping problems

Sleep better by soaking in a hot tub before bedHot tubs are great for helping you fall asleep faster and improving your sleeping patterns. Those with insomnia or other difficulties with falling asleep regularly, should consider a hot tub before bed. The reason this works relates to the nightly phenomenon of the body’s temperature dropping during the night hours. Soaking in a hot tub elevates the body’s temperature and loosens muscles. When the person leaves the hot tub, the body begins to rapidly cool down, which causes the body to relax.



Eliminating back pain

is another area that the hot tub excels. Heat applied directly to the body can improve circulation in the lower back. Increased blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to sore muscles. This helps with healing injuries and reducing pain. Heat may also prevent the brain from processing pain messages to some degree. For the same reasons some people benefit from using a heating pad or heat wrap, you may see results, sometimes even better, by soaking in the hot tub. While heat alone may not eliminate back pain and its causes in all individuals, it can certainly alleviate some symptoms in many cases.


The hot tub is much more than a place for relaxation or entertainment. Soaking regularly in a hot tub can dramatically reduce back pain for some people, improve sleep and help you recover during training, and these are just some of the benefits of regularly using your hot tub.


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