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Can a Hot Tub Help with Back Pain?

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The use of hot water for pain reduction, improved blood flow and circulation, and relaxation dates back to ancient times across several cultures. Today we call it hydrotherapy, and yes, hydrotherapy through hot tub use is demonstrated as a modern-day solution to help soothe and heal back pain. Whether you are an athlete, a professional, a senior, or anyone who suffers from back pain, read further to understand how a hot tub can help you relieve your back pain.
According to the National Institute of Health, products and services geared toward back pain relief is a 50 billion dollar a year industry. Back pain is also the leading reason for missed days at work and disability claims. While more expensive and complex remedies exist, the two top suggested remedies for back pain are still heat and ice.

Will a Hot Tub Help Back Pain So You Can Sleep?


If you have a dull ache in your back that is causing you missed sleep, 20 minutes in a hot tub before you go to sleep does wonders. Soaking in a hot tub eases this pain and inflammation, but how does this work? Well, the water in your hot tub dilates blood vessels, which in turn increases circulation, enabling cells to reach the injury location faster to do necessary repair work. Use a hot tub for back pain and see how it will work effectively for your sleep life.

Muscle Inflammation, Soreness, and Stiffness


Pain and inflammation leading to soreness and stiffness can also be remedied by the soothing water immersion made possible by hot tubs. Water immersion and buoyancy relieve the gravity and pressure placed on joints, supporting your entire body and limbs from 360 degrees.
Not only does hot water therapy benefit lower back pain, but hot tubs also protect your overall health and even your wallet. You can reduce your reliance on expensive anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, which may also have negative side effects.
The benefits of hot water to muscles and joints are substantial. Immersion in hot water increases blood circulation to your muscles which helps heal bone, muscle, joint, and connective tissue injuries. This is important for your back because a large and complex group of muscles work together to support your spine and hold your body upright. Water immersion helps keeps your back and spine loose as you move and rotate.
Mark B., a Bullfrog Spa owner, said, “I have lower back problems, and using this tub is the only way I survive!”


 Since muscle inflammation, soreness, and stiffness lead to mobility issues, have you ever considered exercising in a hot tub? Exercising in a hot tub improves mobility and is ideal for a person experiencing joint pain and arthritis.
As water pressure and buoyancy relieve muscle and bone pain, you can give your joints a break. You won’t experience the gravity of running, pounding on your joints, or the gravity and pressure on joints involved with weightlifting. You can get your cardio in without the joint stress.
Since hot tub immersion increases blood circulation, this platform for exercise is perfect not just for back pain, but for those also experiencing decreased circulation due to diabetes or some other types of autoimmune diseases. If you have a pre-existing condition such as this or an old injury that keeps getting aggravated every time you exercise, try lifting weights (according to your ability) inside the hot tub.

Stress Management and Overall Well Being


You wear your stress in your body, where your upper and lower back can absorb and house a great deal of tension and stress that can lead to profound pain over time. Dealing with stress from work and other aggravators can impact you emotionally, physically, and mentally.
Fortunately, hydrotherapy is a remedy for all three.
As a high octane professional, a busy family, or an empty nester, the benefits of hydrotherapy are truly worth the investment of a hot tub. Note that an applied physiology journal reported that hot water is beneficial to decrease muscle spasms and stiffness and that hot water increases your range of motion significantly.
A study in an international aquatic research and education journal mentions how aquatic activity impacts cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, autonomic nervous system (ANS), and endocrine systems in ways that positively impact a variety of chronic illnesses.
The benefits of owning a hot tub extend to your entire body. Aquatic exercise and exposure found in hot tub use benefit your whole mind, body, and emotions, which in turn helps relieve pressure and stress off your back, allowing you to sleep better, work more productively, and enjoy your family life more.

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