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The Top Benefits of a Swim Spa

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If you are considering a swim spa but are on the fence about whether to purchase it or not, you may be wondering what benefits a swim spa would provide you and your family. Luckily, swim spas provide lots of health benefits, financial benefits, family and social benefits, and more. Here are some of our favorite swim spa benefits.


Save Space Compared to a Pool


This allows you to optimize your yard space for maximum usability. Swim spas are generally not as big as pools, so they can be installed in much smaller yards and, in some cases, even indoors. (But keep in mind some brands do come in larger sizes, too.)


In addition, most states have safety requirements for bodies of water that could create a drowning hazard. If you’re not prepared to install a full-size pool and include a fence, you might be better off with a swim spa that comes with a locking cover.


More Affordable than a Pool


Swim spas are more affordable and often more efficient than in-ground swimming pools, since they come with built-in insulation, and smaller swim tanks. High-quality swim spas can be operated on a few dollars a day, depending on their size and the capacity of their pumps and systems.


In the United States, installing an in-ground swimming pool cost anywhere from $40,000 – $100,000 or more, but a high-quality swim spa costs around $20,000-$45,000, depending on your area, the brand you choose, and the options the spa includes.


Swim Spas Provide a Current


A swim current is designed to create different levels of resistance for optimal fitness benefits, allowing you to build endurance and strength with swim workouts and drills. If the spa offers options for variable swim current settings, you can sometimes custom tailor your routine according to your body type for maximum benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving heart and lung health.


Swim Spa Health Benefits


Watch the video to learn how Flora Duffy uses her swim spa after her training and for her recovery.


Physical Benefits


  • Alleviates stress
  • Improves coordination, balance, and posture
  • Improves flexibility
  • Post-injury / surgery recovery
  • Cools body on hot days
  • Low impact on body and joints
  • Builds endurance, muscle, and strength
  • Excellent source of cardio for a healthier heart, lungs, and weight
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Need we say more?


Mental Health Benefits


Let’s face it. When our bodies break down—whether from stress, injury, lack of movement, or other reasons—our mental health suffers, too.


When we give our bodies the benefit of hydrotherapy and/or swimming, we are giving ourselves the gift of feeling better physically, which helps us feel better mentally. Since swimming is an all-over body workout, all of your muscles get some level of activation, which releases endorphins—natural feel-good hormones that increase positivity and bring about a feeling of happiness.


Healthier Home-life


Thanks to today’s hurry-up culture, it can be hard for families to find time to gather together. Anymore, even traditional family dinners are often forgone or altered to accommodate multiple schedules. The family bonding that takes place in your swim spa will be unparalleled by other family gatherings.


Studies show that quality family time improves academic performance, decreases the instances of behavioral issues, lowers the chance of violence and drug abuse, creates stronger self-confidence, better conflict resolution skills, and increases chances of success for all members of your family.


Combines Benefits of Pool & Hot Tub in One


One purchase, one installation, one chemical treatment system, one fixed space, and an attraction that can be used year-round.


In addition to the benefits of swimming, your swim spa might come equipped with spa seats, featuring massaging jets—a feature that comes with its own set of health benefits, on top of what you get from swimming. The Bullfrog Spas Swim Series models come equipped with JetPak seats and a number of other proprietary benefits that will have you hooked for life.


Improves Your Outdoor Living Space


When you buy a Bullfrog Spas Swim Series model, you’ll enjoy an upgraded backyard water experience unlike any other, including the option to choose a swim spa that is aesthetically pleasing and designed to go with your landscape and design. With your new swim spa as a centerpiece, your space will become the envy of everyone who sees it.


Relish your time soaking and swimming in a Bullfrog Spas Swim Series for a multi-functional backyard water experience. These versatile swim spas offer an attractive mix of functional, fun, and aesthetically appealing features and are equipped with the one-of-a-kind JetPak Therapy System that is exclusive to Bullfrog Spas models. Enjoy multi-level therapy seats, ergonomic headrests, and leg and foot therapy, or take advantage of unlimited options for fitness and water play in these truly remarkable swim spas.


Personalize Your Swim Spa


Purchasing a swim spa isn’t just an investment; it’s a lifestyle change that will benefit your entire family. Only you can decide if a swim spa is a good investment for you. Use our online Design Studio tool to select your model, JetPaks, and accessories. Once you’re done, you’ll receive an instant price quote.



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