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Inexpensive Ways To and Increase Home Value and Make You Feel Like Royalty

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Whether you want to resell your home or just increase home value, there are a couple of simple and affordable ways to turn your ordinary home into a resort-like getaway with increased appeal.

Create a Backyard Hot Tub Retreat

Inexpensive Ways To Make You Feel Like RoyaltyOne of the most attractive features of a luxury hotel is the alluring purr of jacuzzi jets in the courtyard. Likewise, nothing says indulgence like relaxing in your very own hot tub at home.

Where you put the hot tub, though, matters almost as much as what kind you purchase. Prospective buyers will want to enjoy the hot tub as much as you do, and creating a specific space that’s perfect for this soothing treat will increase the appeal, provide a quiet getaway, as well as increase the value of your home.Try working the spa into the landscape design of the yard so that it fits perfectly and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the home.

Choose a hot tub that fits your lifestyle and the number of people most likely to use it. Build the hot tub into a plan for an overall backyard retreat. Unless your backyard is extremely protected, you will want to install an enclosure for assuring privacy. Install some romantic lighting and invest in a quality spa audio system. Voila, you’ve created a magical getaway without leaving your backyard. This will entice any potential buyer, and in the meantime, you’ve got an extremely peaceful retreat to enjoy with your loved ones.

Design Your Own Hotel Suite for Two

The easiest way to remodel a bedroom is to give it an aesthetic makeover. Imagine your favorite hotel. Does it have white linens and a pleasing color on the walls? Does it glow with romantic lighting and soft, neutral tones? Now imagine if you could come home to that inviting hotel suite every night. The fact is you can, and with very little investment.

To create a romantic escape in your very own bedroom, accentuate the elements you find most appealing about the suite. Highlight these strengths with the perfect decor, much like you’d see at a four or five star hotel. Don’t be afraid to be bold in selecting these pieces. Whether it’s an antique piece of furniture with ornate detailing or a simple plush, white rug, be sure to make your decor stand out and fit in at the same time. Find these elements at local decor stores and you’ll be able to recreate the magic for a lot less than you would think.

Apply a fresh coat of paint, and use coordinating accessories to pull it all together. If you want to really increase home value and space permits, add some coordinating chairs and a coffee table to act as a small sitting room. By adding this extra space, you’re transported to a world where taking a break to catch up on that novel is perfectly acceptable.The sitting room touch has a great effect on potential buyers and your own psyche.

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