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Home Improvement: Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Increase the Value of Your Home?

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When homeowners consider taking on a home improvement project, a common question is whether it will add any value to their home come time to sell. The same can be said when someone is making a hot tub purchase. Sometimes, the answer may be no. But under the right circumstances, a hot tub can not only boost interest but increase the value of your property as well.


When It Adds Value

According to HGTV, home improvement projects cost about 20 to 25 cents on the dollar. That means the other 75 to 80 cents spent goes back into the home through increased value. The key is to make sure each improvement is intentional rather than impulsive. So making a plan around a purchase like a hot tub is the key to having it add value.


Essentially, getting value out of a spa is a matter of making it look like part of the property. When a spa is built-in or in-ground, it definitely factors into the price of the house. This includes spa vaults, spas built into backyard patios and decks, or any spa that is directly connected to a home’s water systems.


Attractive landscaping also has an impact on the hot tub’s value. Building around the spa as a fixture makes it feel more permanent while helping it blend in a more visually appealing way–for instance, building a deck around the hot tub, making a patio/pad specifically designed for hot tub specs, adding a pergola or gazebo to the space, and/or building in stairs. That said, the appearance and condition of the hot tub itself, plays a part. Presenting a clean and well-maintained spa is sure to make a difference when it comes to attracting the interest of home buyers.


In colder climates and/or seasonal vacation destinations, having a hot tub retreat can be a major selling point. In fact, vacation rental specialists rate hot tubs as the number one value-adding amenity in terms of bookings and owner’s ROI.





When It Doesn’t Add Value


The value question becomes iffier with spas that are portable, meaning they can be removed without construction or remodeling. Since they’re not tied down to the property, it’s expected the portable hot tub will leave when the owners do. As mentioned above, this problem can be circumvented if you build the portable spa into the property so it has a fixed or designated space.


Spas also fail to add value if they’re poorly maintained. Like anything in the house, a hot tub can detract from the home’s appeal if it hasn’t been cared for. Similarly, you’re not gaining anything if the hot tub doesn’t fit with the neighborhood or the local environment. In other words, in order to add value, it has to be something other homeowners in the area would actually desire or appreciate.


It stands to reason that cheap hot tubs models will fall short when it comes to home value since they tend to last only a handful of years even when well maintained. Not many people want to have to fix or replace a spa as soon as they move in. The best investment when purchasing a spa comes down to quality materials, design, and manufacturing. Hot tub reviews and ratings can be an excellent source to learn about brand differences.


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How to Maximize your Hot Tub’s Value


If you’re ready to commit to a hot tub purchase and interested in increasing your home’s value, there are a couple of things you can do that will make your efforts worthwhile. First, ensure the spa’s placement is well incorporated into the overall backyard look of the property, so it will be included in the value calculation. At the very least, add attractive landscaping where applicable to maximize its aesthetic appeal.


Next, make sure it’s well maintained: replace any worn-out parts and components, replace filters, and do all needful maintenance. Clean your spa thoroughly to ensure it looks new for realtors and potential buyers.


Lastly, be sure you’ve picked up a quality unit, one that will last 10 years or more–a cheaper unit or one that’s purchased used will not last nearly as long. An experienced dealer from a reputable company can help you find a model that’s right for you, and most units these days come with a variety of fun bells and whistles. For insight into the best places to find quality hot tubs, check out Where Do I Buy my Hot Tub?



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