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fun toys for the hot tub

Hot Tub Toys for Family Fun

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Owning a hot tub allows a family to relax and spend time together. Of course, conversation and connecting happens more naturally when everyone has something to do.


Think about it, what family night is complete without a game everyone can play?


Luckily, there’s an excellent selection of hot tub toys and accessories to customize and add enjoyment when using your spa. A few water friendly options are:


Card games



Whether it’s a normal deck of cards, or something more specific like Uno, there’s a wide variety of waterproof card decks available to go with your spa. Waterproof cards are relatively cheap and a regular 52 card deck is versatile for many games. Slapjack, rummy, and other card games are bound to get everyone talking about their day.


Classic pool/hot tub toys



Most of the classic pool toys you think of can be used in a hot tub as well. Pool noodles, beach balls, and squirt guns are always fun for kids. And if you have younger children, grab some rubber ducks and other floating animals. Some Bullfrog Spas dealers even offer light-up rubber frogs to play with.


Board games



Did you know you can find waterproof, floating options of classic board games such as checkers, chess, and others? And nearly any of your favorite board games will work in the hot tub with the help of a floating tray. What better way to improve your hot tub party than with a fun board game for everyone to play. Just avoid any toys and games with electronic components that could be ruined if they get too wet.


Games adapted for water



Over the years, many games and activities have been adapted for use in the pool or hot tub. Some of these include a floating mini basketball hoop, beirut, tic tac toe, and ring toss. You can find these hot tub toys online, at a sporting goods store, or at supercenters like WalMart.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hot tub. When shopping in a department store or browsing online, you never know when you might come across some cool underwater LED lights, decorative towels, or other fun hot tub toy. Your spa is a personal part of your home, so it should look and feel the way you want it to.



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