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Hot Tub Games for Parties and Families

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Hosting a hot tub party or spending time with family in a spa creates great conversations and lets everyone get to know one another.


Playing hot tub games are excellent icebreakers to give everyone a break from their phones for a little while and spark fun connections with your guests.


If you’re looking to spice up your time in the hot tub with a game or two, give these suggestions a try.


No Hands!


This game centers around passing an item like an empty plastic cup or an orange between people in the hot tub without using their hands.


Your guests can use any part of their body they want, like their back or elbow or knees. However, they’re not allowed to use the same body part twice. This means if a person hands you an item with their elbow, you can use any part of your body except your elbow. The person who drops the item is out, or if you prefer, you can limit the body parts that person can use in their next turn. None of these rules are written in stone.


If you want to add another level of difficulty, use an empty cup filled a quarter of the way with water. If water spills out, it’s subject to a penalty.


Duck, Duck, Tag!


Using a rubber duck or anything that floats, like ping pong balls or paper boats, the goal is to tag someone else without using your hands. Blowing, or using the water is fair game, and everyone must stay in the hot tub. When someone is tagged, they are now it and get to tag someone else.


A variation of this game is called Last Duck Standing has usually four ducks in the hot tub at once. The goal is to tag other people in the spa using the same rules as before, but they’re all able to tag you, someone else, and vice versa. The last one standing is the winner.


Hand Slap Hand Shake


In this game, each person creates a hand gesture that is relatively simple and easy to remember, like a wave or pointing in front of him or her. Go around the circle until everyone knows his or her hand gesture and do it twice if necessary. Then, everyone puts their left hand under the hand of the person to their left, and their right hand on top the hand of the person to their right.


In quick succession, gently slap your hand on top of the hand of the person to your left– they slap the hand of the person to their left and so on. If you make the hand gesture of someone else in the group instead of slapping the hand of the person next to you, that person must make their gesture and start the chain again from their side.


If someone fails to slap the hand next to them in time or forgets their gesture, they’re out.


Here’s another rule you can try: if you make someone else’s gesture during your turn, but they respond with your gesture, you must start the cycle in reverse by slapping the hand of the person to your right.




This is a classic hot tub game. An empty plastic cup is in the middle of the hot tub with a little water at the bottom for stability. Each person has a cup filled with water and must put water in the cup in the middle on their turn. It can be as much or as little as they want.


Whoever sinks the cup in the middle loses.


These games can liven up any hot tub party, and everyone will be more willing to chat when they’re occupied with a game.



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