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Fun Family Games to Play With Young Kids

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Nothing beats an afternoon playing classic family games with your children. Playing family games keeps your kids out of trouble when there’s nothing to do, and playing regularly with your children, is a superb way to strengthen the parent-child bond. The perfect family game has to be challenging for older children, yet simple enough for younger players to understand. If you’re having trouble picking the right game for your family, check out this list of awesome family games:





This board game is hands down the most popular family game to ever hit store shelves in the history of board games. Monopoly comes in different versions like Barbie Monopoly, or Aquarium Monopoly, but the classic is still the most played. In this game, the goal is to control every single square inch of property on the board. Although it takes a while to win the game, it will still cause some fierce competition amongst the players.



Chutes and Ladders


This game is ideal for younger children because it’s easy to play, but even older children will love the game. This game requires both luck and strategy, and the goal is to make it to the finish line before the other players. It is the perfect game for a rainy day.





This game is perfect for families that are silly and want to laugh. In this game, players wear a headband that holds a card. The players are not allowed to look at the card when they put it on the headband. Then, they have to ask the other players questions so they can figure out what’s on the card. Basically, the game is like charades except instead of guessing what the other person is, you have to guess what you are.





One of the most fun board games to date, Life requires players to use a spinning wheel to earn points. Throughout the game, players get cards that have good or bad news like winning the lottery or losing your job. At the end, the player with the most money and future planning skills wins.



Marco Polo


hot tub games as a familyNamed for the famous explorer, this game is fun not just in the family hot tub or pool, but out at a park or even just the backyard. Blindfold one family member and see if they can find others through just the sounds of their voices. This classic games can be played by all.



The Logo Board Game


This board game challenges your knowledge about popular brands and logos. First, the players looks at a piece of a popular logo and try to guess what it is. This game is great for all ages and is a really fun way to spend time together.


A family that plays together, stays together, and these games will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. All the games in this article are great for children and grownups alike.


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