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Camping Gear You Can Use in Your Backyard

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From the Mountain to Your Backyard- The Best Camp Gear You Can Use Anywhere


Summer is here and one of best parts of the warmth is being able to spend as much time outside as possible. One of the easiest ways to make that happen is to find things that make time spent, from eating to lounging, as interesting and nature-flattering as possible. Today’s camping gear is much more advanced and flexible than simply grabbing a pair of sticks and rubbing them together. In fact, today’s camping gear can go from both wild trail to your backyard patio. And awesome camping gear that is affordable, versatile, and dynamic is cropping up in all kinds of new ways.



Coolest Cooler


Touted as one of the shining glories of Kickstarter (still going and over 8 million dollars raised!), the Coolest Cooler is truly one nice ice box. With a blender on top to mix up drinks, this cooler has taken every bit of space to make a cooler smarter. Wireless speakers sit on the outside, with a pair of wheels designed for going over any terrain. Inside, a divider separates ice and foods to avoid any sad, soggy sandwiches for dinner. It’s easy to see the Coolest Cooler being a must-have item at your campsite, beach, or your own poolside. While not coming out until 2015, Coolest might end up making all other dull ice-boxes obsolete.


coolest cooler

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Oru Kayak


Being on foot in the great outdoors is great, but the waters of the world might be worth a try. Should you love the open water, the Oru Kayak might be for you. Unlike many fiberglass kayaks, the Oru Kayak, is not at all cumbersome. Ideal for small spaces, this lightweight kayak folds up into a suitcase (literally) and can be taken and stored nearly anywhere. You can try the Oru Kayak on the beach beside the seals, or maybe just paddle around the pool with a lemonade if you want to stay home.



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Sleeping under the stars in one of the staples of summer nights. And while a dream of many a child and kid at heart, tree houses aren’t really a thing you can make spontaneously. Instead of pitching up a tent for the night that might take an hour, the Tentsile takes a tree house and starry sky to a new level. Part hammock and part tent, the Tentsile allows you to sleep off the ground and keep yourself out of bad weather, or away from curious critters. With versatility in set up, being able to go between trees and posts, the Tentsile gives users a fun way to stay outside in comfort all summer long.


hammock tent

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Biolite Kettle Charge


Being able to have a warm cup of chocolate at the end of the night, or even perhaps tea in the brisk morning, is a luxury when out.  For a tech savvy device that can make your morning cup of delight more delightful the Kettle Charge by Biolite might be the answer for you. And, you will never be in fear of having a phone charge. This lightweight kettle with a handle also features a usb connection that provides 10kw of power and can charge up devices as the kettle receives heat. Now you can Instagram an artistic shot of that steaming cup of joe from your tent site, or maybe just your fort in the backyard without the power cord.


Kettle Charge

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GoSun Stove


Making a hot meal when away from an oven often conjures thoughts of either a campfire or instant meal: both a lot of work and sometimes not practical. Instead, you can use the best oven that is free – the sun.  is used with  – the sun. Standing on two slender legs and able to be packed up by handles, the GoSun stove can go from either your backyard patio or off onto a remote beach or campsite with no power but what’s in the sky. Able to heat up to temperatures of over 500 degrees, GoSun can make anything from your morning coffee to a tray of muffins. Or maybe you can get creative and even try out a backyard pizza.

solar cooker

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