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5 Coolest People To Hang Out With In A Hot Tub

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Hanging out in hot tubs is cool, but it’s a lot more fun with cool people. Hanging in the spa with the coolest of the cool, well that’s just epic. Suppose you had the chance to hang with some of the coolest people around. Yes, that calls for a hot tub party, nothing less. Hot tubs are hot, but being able to hang out with these cool people would bring the temperature down a bit from all the cool in the pool.

Chuck Norris

5 Coolest People To Hang Out With In A Hot TubMartial arts, Texas lawman, promotes hardcore exercise equipment, takes air hostage when he breathes, can divide by zero. Is there anything Chuck Norris can’t do? According to the popular lists, there’s simply  nothing the man cannot do the best. Go ahead and add ‘cool down a hot tub’ to that list because he’s about as cool as a guy can get.

Tim Burton

Tim BurtonLet’s add a little shade over the water. Mr. Burton’s long string of cool shadowy movies are, well, to die for. His stories are sure to add a bit of a chill to the air, and maybe the water as well. Welcome to the hot tub, Mr. Burton; bring the imagination, but leave the skeletons and spirits at home!

Ann Hathaway

Ann HathawayAfter having recently won a few very prestigious awards, one of them named Oscar, her coolness has essentially tripled from the lofty Hollywood hyped coolness pedestal where she already stood. Going from suddenly being a princess to the curbs and gutters of revolutionary France and then singing about it, and sounding good, wow, that’s impressively cool. Anne deserves a good relaxing time in a hot tub.

William Shakespeare

William ShakespeareOkay, no one really wants to have a guy who’s been dead for however many years in their hot tub, but his way with words, probably even now, is evidence that this guy is pretty cool. Even if he himself can’t be there, at least have one of his complete works on hand. And if you happen to somehow find The Bard’s poetic prose boring, well who says a nice bit of boredom while you relax isn’t all right? Just be careful not to fall asleep alone in the hot tub in Act 3 of King Lear.

Carol Burnett

Carol BurnettAny decent cool person—hot tub—party needs an equally decent funny man, or funny woman, in this case. There’s nothing like a good quip or two from this peerless Lady of Comedy. Who doesn’t love a classic cool comedian, and what comedian wouldn’t love some downtime to write jokes in a nice hot tub?

Need a visual for all this awesomenasity? Well here’s Chuck just waiting. Someone might want to tell him that leather and spa water might not work well together. But, that someone will not be me 🙂

Chuck Norris in a Hot Tub

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