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Spa Installation: Selecting the Prime Spot for Your Spa

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Pick Your Perfect Relaxation Spot Before You Buy


Before you or any of your family members or friends can sink down into the warm relaxing waters of your very own spa, you have to decide upon just the right location for its permanent placement. You can help plan for your new spa by doing a little homework before your hot tub unit is delivered that will ensure the perfect prime spot for your spa in order to enjoy its many benefits for years to come.


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Indoors or The Great Outdoors


When choosing a prime location, ask yourself who will be enjoying your new hot tub and if its purpose is to serve as a gathering place for entertaining family and friends or will it be used only privately by the adults in the household for therapy and relaxation. If planning to place your spa indoors, it must be in a location with excellent ventilation to prevent the build-up of steam and moisture in addition to having drainage access. If you’re planning to install your hot tub outdoors, you’ll want to incorporate the surrounding landscape to your best advantage by having a pleasant or scenic vista as the backdrop for the spa.


Convenient Access


If you’re installing your new spa outdoors, having convenient access to the main home as well as a place for wardrobe changes is essential. It’s important to choose a location where the spa blends into the environment in a natural way rather than looking like some eyesore that was just plunked down on a pad without any planning beforehand. Does the location you select as the prime spot for your spa afford users enough privacy and have you made plans to screen your hot tub activities from the prying eyes of onlookers or even the next door neighbors?


Solid Support


The prime location for your spa must offer a firm and level surface which can support the weight of the hot tub once it has been filled with water in addition to supporting the weight of its maximum capacity of guests. The floor structure of the spa’s location must be able to support the weight of the spa’s water contents plus its users or plans must be made to provide a concrete foundation for everyone’s safety. It’s also best to incorporate the proper landscaping around the spa so that grass, leaves, sand or dirt are not tracked into the hot tub or back into the house after use. It’s a good idea to position your hot tub on a finished paved surface or deck so that walking into and out of the spa won’t prove problematic.


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