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Top Ten Cities In America You Can Visit And Relax

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VacationFew moments define a vacation better than the picturesque scene of lounging in a hot tub, draped under a blanket of stars with a drink in your hand. That’s what vacationing is all about, maximizing relaxation and enjoyment. If you look hard enough in any city, there is opportunity for relaxation. Some cities however are just perfectly geared towards rest, relaxation and fun.


• Maui Hawaii

Maui is a fairly obvious choice for any compilation of relaxation destinations. Beautiful white sandy beaches, lush tropical forests and crystal clear water melt away stress and anxiety instantly. If you’re looking to stay relaxed, avoid thinking about how much those days of relaxation are costing you


• Santa Fe New Mexico

Incredible food, serene landscapes and quaint accommodations make Santa Fe the premier destination of the Southwest. It also offers a number of spas and golf courses to fulfill anyone’s desires. It’s also a much more reasonably priced vacation spot than many American cities.


• Estes Park Colorado

Drinking local crafted brews in a hot tub while watching snow accumulate around you is an incredible experience. Estes Park offers incredible scenery at any location and an abundance of lodging options. An added perk is the local breweries and small town restaurants dot that downtown main street.


• San Diego California

San Diego offers a surprising amount of relaxation despite the hustle and bustle of a large city. Within the city are several leisurely activities like the zoo, large parks and expansive beaches. Farther out from the city are endless ocean views and countryside’s. Don’t miss a stop by the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot to see how much more stressful your life could be.


• Portland Oregon

Portland captures the feel of small Pacific Northwest town with the amenities of a large city. It has a vibrant nightlife and unmatched cuisine. The locals are generally friendly and willing to share the best spots for parks, local markets and coffee.


• Fort Collins Colorado

Perhaps the largest draw to this beautiful town at the edge of the Rockies is its abundance of breweries. An entire vacation can be spent just touring local breweries. It’s also in perfect proximity to the mountains and the metro center of Denver.


• Austin Texas

There’s literally something for everyone in Austin. A world famous music scene is coupled with beautiful resorts and incredible cuisine. A leisurely stroll down 10th street can uncover a treasure trove of wonders to stir any interest.


• San Antonio Texas

San Antonio offers many of the same amazing things as its’ sister city Austin, but with one huge addition. The river walk through the city absolutely cannot be missed. Nothing beats a day splashing in the river and the evening relaxing in a hut tub watching the sun set back at the hotel enjoying sweet tea and barbeque.


• Nashville Tennessee

The capital of country music offers more than just the Grand Ole Opry and Elvis impersonators. The beautiful country scenery of Tennessee is something that can’t be described. Cottonwood lined lazy rivers and overflowing history provides activities for the whole family.


• Las Vegas Nevada

Not that Las Vegas. Vegas off the strip is an entirely different experience that most don’t ever encounter. The outskirts of the city offer incredible luxury like that if the strip, but in a complete different setting. There’s lush green golf courses flanked by desolate deserts, beautiful hot tubs and pools and unique activities. Also, if the urge strikes, the tables are only a short jaunt away.


Relaxation is a subjective term, but these phenomenal cities can meet almost anyone’s definition. Each provides their own cadre of endless entertainment and pleasures. To truly take it in you’ll have to start at the top and work your way down, picking your own favorites as the journey goes on.

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