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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

4 Quick Tips for Easy Hot Tub Maintenance

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Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to care for your hot tub

Owning your own personal hot tub is a luxury that provides better health, less stress, and a lot of fun. It is something you can enjoy every evening as part of your unwinding routine or just whenever you feel a little stressed.


Some people worry that hot tubs are difficult to maintain – this is not the case at all. In order to keep your hot tub in perfect condition, you simply need to perform a few easy maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Spending a few quick minutes on hot tub maintenance will increase your enjoyment and add years to the life of your spa.

Cleaning behind JetPaks

Sanitize Regularly

Keeping your hot tub properly sanitized will prevent any sort of unwanted contaminents. Granular chlorine or bromine are generally the best sanitizers. Which one you decide on depends largely on how you use your spa and the water chemistry in your area. Your Authorized Bullfrog Spa Dealer can help you decide. Maintaining the sanitizer levels in your spa is easy. Simply check periodically to make sure levels are within acceptable limits with a test strip. Then add sanitizer when needed. It is also recommended to oxidize your hot tub roughly weekly to help remove oils, hair sprays, and other substances. Including an ozone generator on your spa can greatly increase the length of time needed between sanitation treatments

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Clean Filters

To keep your hot tub in great condition, filters should be cleaned about once a month, depending on usage. Remove the filters and clean by spraying them off with a hose and nozzle or other high pressure water stream. Work each pleat from top to bottom. If filters start to accumulate oils from suntan lotions or normal body oils you may want to soak filter in warm water and an approved spa filter cleaning agent prior to spraying.

how to clean hot tub filters

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Drain, Clean and Refill

Hot tub water will not stay clean forever, even with proper chemical use. It is best to drain your hot tub approximately every 3 months or so. You may drain a little less or more often based on how often you use your hot tub. Over time it is normal for some chemicals, oils, and residues to build up. You likely won’t notice this; however, it’s a good practice to replace the water from time to time to be sure it stays fresh.

attach a hose to drain hot tub

Maintain Your Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are essential. They keep heat in and debris out, and provide greater safety. Over the life of your spa you will need one or two replacement hot tub covers. However, you can greatly improve the life and performance of your spa cover by cleaning it periodically. Using an approved spa cover protectant will help it withstand the elements. It’s easy, much like applying Armorall to the dash of your car.

Bullfrog Spas hot tub cover

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  • Ken Commers | Jun 10, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Hello, we have your Bullfrog Series I model 562. It is 2 years old so we think it may be time for new filters. Do you carry those in stock and how much are they? (ours takes 2)
    Ken Commers 509-209-3522

  • Jack ackerson | Dec 14, 2016 at 5:10 am

    We are keeping our Bullfrog in operation all year now. Today’s low temperature is indicated to be 7 degrees and at the level for the next several days here in Ohio. I placed an outdoor wireless thermometer in the area where the pumps and heater are. The outside air temp this morning is 17 degrees and the temp in the area where I have the hot tube temp is 25 degrees. Since the spas are built in Utah do you recommend additional insulation be used to prevent the circulation area from becoming so cold the water in the lines freezes?

    • Bullfrog Spas | Dec 14, 2016 at 9:54 am

      From our service team: It actually gets much colder than this in Utah and many areas where we have operating spas. There should be no need to put extra insulation in the equipment area. The spa should be running twice a day during the filtration cycles so it is moving water and heating the water at that time. You may consider using Ready Mode to ensure regular heating during extreme cold. We have our spas all over the US and Canada and have not had one freeze due to cold temps unless the spa is completely shut down for days.

  • RonJohnson | Sep 15, 2017 at 10:34 am

    How to change a heater union gasket

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