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The Five Best Ways To Impress Your Date At Your Home

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If you’re a guy, planning to stay at home for a date can seem boring, predictable, and yes, a little cheap. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Depending on who it is that you are dating, impressing your date with an evening in can be accomplished with some effort. If you are taking the initiative to plan a date at home, here are five steps to make sure you bring the “wow factor” to your at-home date:
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Make Sure Your House is Immaculate

No one wants to go to a messy house on a date, especially women. Keep in mind that a woman will be observing more than just you, she will be observing your home and your habits. Cleaning involves more than just throwing your clothes in the closet and vacuuming. You need to wash the dishes, put them away, clean the bathroom, put the toilet seat down, and wipe all of the surfaces. Lighting a scented candle will add a special touch.

Take Time to Cook Dinner

Ordering takeout is easy, cooking requires the effort. If you don’t know how to cook, take some time to find a beginner’s recipe. Ask your date what her favorite dish is and use this information to earn brownie points by being the host and the chef.

Choose Her Favorite Movie

Showing that you listen to what she has to say is key. If she has talked endlessly about her favorite romantic movie, rent it. After a good dinner conversation, you can snuggle up together and watch the movie and she will be more than a little impressed that you remembered.

Play Her Favorite Music

If you want to set the mood, play her favorite music. Although, you may like to rock, punk, foul-mouthed hip hop, or heavy metal isn’t going to impress a majority of females on a romantic evening. If you don’t like RnB or soul, find a middle ground with some fresh indie music. Add some stations she is sure to like to your Internet radio and set the songs on shuffle so that both of you are happy.

Unwind in the Hot Tub

Taking a dip in the hot tub can be the perfect end to a wonderful night. Not only are hot tubs relaxing, they are also fun. Make time for more than romance. Enjoy some great conversation as you sit in the hot tub, ask her questions, and listen. Not only will the hot tub impress your date, so will your attentiveness.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your date at home. Impressing your date is more about making the effort, listening to her, and being patient. Follow these tips, be yourself, and you might just get a second date.

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