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Guide to Swim Spa Sizes

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If you’re considering making an investment in a swim spa, you’re probably wondering how to differentiate which size is best for you and your unique situation. The biggest difference between a swim spa and a pool or hot tub is size. A swim spa is bigger than a traditional spa, but still has some (or all) of the same functionality, plus additional features that give your spa the ability to be treated like a much larger pool—only, using a smaller amount of space.

But how small is too small and how big is too big?


Choosing the Best Swim Spa for You

There are a few points you should consider that will help inform your decision about the ideal size swim spa for you.

1. Where will you be putting your swim spa?
2. How deep do you want the spa to be?
3. Will you be placing it partially in-ground, and if so, what sort of prep needs to be done to be ready for your spa?
4. How many people will typically be using the spa?
5. What type of workouts or swimming will be most important to you?
6. What is a realistic budget for your spa and which size spas come close to fitting in that budget? Keep in mind that your budget could be a pay-in-full situation, or a monthly payment option.

Once you’ve considered these questions, it’s time to look at different sized swim spas and figure out what is best for you.


Average Swim Spa Sizes

Typically, swim spas start somewhere around ten to twenty feet long (or more) and five to ten feet wide, and between three and five feet deep. You’ll notice that this is a wide range of sizes, so let’s break it down even further.


What is the Smallest Swim Spa?

If you’re looking for a swim spa that can fit in a tighter space, this is probably the category you’ll fall into, because you can get a swim spa that is ten to twelve feet long, and those are the smallest you’ll find. In a lot of ways, a small swim spa is basically a giant hot tub with jet capabilities that allow for some exercising and swimming. Keep in mind that a smaller swim spa might not be ideal for competition-level swimmers who are taller than six feet. However, it is a good option if you are on the tall end.

The Bullfrog Spas® S150 Swim Series™ model falls into the top end of this small category, coming in at twelve feet long, seven and a half feet wide, and just over four feet deep. Swim, play games, or splash around on the splash pad. Workout, play, or relax away tension. You can build endurance and strength with preset or customizable fitness programs and space for any number of low-impact, water-based workouts.

And because it’s a Bullfrog Spa Swim Series, you can also enjoy the numerous therapy options available with the patented JetPak Therapy System™. The S150 can seat up to thirteen people comfortably on benches and in seats and includes four JetPak™ seats that can be interchanged for different therapy options.


What is the best Medium Sized Swim Spa?

Mid-size swim spas are among the most popular, because that extra few feet of length makes a huge difference in the workout capabilities of the spa, and for people of multiple heights. These spas range from thirteen to eighteen or nineteen feet in length, and between seven or eight feet wide, and four to five feet deep.

The Bullfrog Spas S180XD and S200 Swim Series models fit right in the middle of this category, coming in at fifteen and seventeen feet long, seven and a half feet wide, and just over four feet deep. The S180XD is a bit deeper at five feet deep. These versatile swim spas offers an attractive mix of functional, fun, and aesthetically appealing features, and is also equipped with the JetPak Therapy System®.

The S200 Swim Series spa can seat up to nine people comfortably on benches and in seats. The S180XD Swim Series spa can seat up to five. Both include four multi-level therapy seats equipped with JetPaks™, ergonomic headrests, and leg and foot therapy. Take advantage of unlimited options for fitness and water play.


What is the Largest Swim Spa?

When it comes to swim spa sizes, the largest start at eighteen feet long, and go up to twenty-five feet. In some cases, these swim spas come with separate areas for swimming and relaxing, allowing for a little bit of both in one compact option. For the time being, Bullfrog Spas Swim Series does not make a spa that fits in this category, but keep your eye on our future announcements if you are not able to find a quality swim spa this size from another brand.


The Final Decision

Once you have a good idea of where your spa is going, and what you intend to use it for most often, you’ll have a better idea of where to start looking. Your last questions might have to do with budget. This is another area with a lot of variables, from entry level swim spas, to premium quality models. The Bullfrog Spas models definitely fall in the premium category, and for good reason. You’ll enjoy an upgraded backyard experience that is completely unique and unlike any other swim spa you’ll find on the market.

The best thing you can do is to find a swim spa that fits both your lifestyle and your dimension needs, and that is going to be the most bang for your buck. It’s an investment you won’t regret making.


Personalize Your Swim Spa

Purchasing a swim spa isn’t just an investment; it’s a lifestyle change that will benefit your entire family. Only you can decide if a swim spa is a good investment for you. Use our online Design Studio tool to select your model, JetPaks, and accessories. Once you’re done, you’ll receive an instant price quote.


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