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Choosing the Right Swim Spa Accessories

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If you own a swim spa, or are considering a swim spa purchase, at some point in your journey you will find yourself asking which swim spa accessories will help you maximize your usage. While the answer to that question will be slightly different for each family or individual, maximizing your experience is easy with a range of swim spa accessories designed to complement your swim spa.


From practical additions to luxurious enhancements, here’s a guide to some swim spa accessories  that can elevate your hydrotherapy experience.


Swim Spa Covers



The right cover will save energy costs, assist in keeping your spa water clean, and lower the rate at which your spa water evaporates. A hot tub cover can also protect from extreme weather and winds. Not to mention that a cover is crucial for the safety of others.  


There are many options of swim spa covers, such as vinyl, automatic, and roll covers. The most common cover is vinyl. They are usually filled with foam for insulation and can come in various thicknesses and colors. Automatic covers are operated electronically, covering, and uncovering the spa with the push of a button. They provide safety and insulation, like the vinyl covers. However, they do tend to be a bit more expensive due to the automation feature. Another popular option is a roll cover. They are typically less expensive and are great if you are looking for something quick and easy to manage, especially during the summer. During the winter months, we recommend switching back to an insulated cover such as a vinyl.


Cover Lifter



Since swim spa covers are large, a cover lift can make uncovering your swim spa a breeze. You simply push the spa cover open with a levered handle. Cover lifters can make it easy for anyone to use and enjoy.


A cover lifter is an optional Bullfrog Spas Swim Series accessory. Not only is it supposed to make opening your spa easier, but it also adds an extra layer of privacy on the ends of the spa to make swimming and playing more relaxing.


Water Care Options


Investing in a reliable and effective water care system for your swim spa can be a decision that contributes significantly to the overall enjoyment and longevity of your spa experience. A well-maintained water care system ensures that the water remains balanced, free from contaminants, and safe for regular use. Water care upgrades can be beneficial as maintenance can be time consuming and tedious sometimes.


For this reason, Bullfrog Spas has decided to make our ultra-premium water care system, Clear Comfort, come standard with all Swim Series spas. This system is designed to make maintenance easier, the water healthier, and your experience more enjoyable.


Swim Spa Steps



Unless you’re installing your spa below ground, it’s going to be necessary to provide some way for you and others to get in and out of your spa. Swim spa steps provide a stable and secure entry and exit point, making it easier for users of all ages to get and out comfortably. They serve as a preventative measure against slips and falls, promoting a safer environment around the swim spa.


Choosing swim spa steps that seamlessly complement the design and aesthetics of your swim spa can elevate the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis. It can create a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor space. This attention to detail not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a harmonious and well-designed backyard environment.


The Bullfrog Spas Swim Series Steps feature non-slip tread surfaces and handrail for extra secure access. They are also designed to be stylish and to match your swim spa aesthetic.


Fitness Kits and Swim Tethers



Fitness kits are essential swim spa exercise accessories for individuals looking to optimize their aquatic routines. These comprehensive kits typically include resistance bands and other specialized equipment designed to enhance the effectiveness of swim spa workouts. By incorporating these fitness tools, users can customize their exercise regimens to target specific muscle groups, improve cardiovascular fitness, and achieve overall body conditioning. The resistance provided by these swim spa exercise accessories adds an extra layer of challenge to swimming sessions, helping users burn more calories and build strength. Additionally, swim spa fitness kits offer a versatile and convenient solution for achieving a full-body workout in the comfort of one’s own backyard, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle without the need for a traditional swimming pool or a gym membership.


swim spa class


Swim tethers are a beneficial swim spa exercise accessory for workouts as well. Tethers are designed to keep swimmers stationary, allows swimmers to maintain a consistent swimming stroke against the resistance. It offers a challenging cardiovascular workout without the need for a full-size lap pool. The swim spa tether is versatile, accommodating various swimming styles and skill levels. It not only promotes endurance and cardiovascular health but also aids in refining swim techniques.


Bullfrog Spas offers simple multi-functional swim spa exercise accessories including a swim tether and fitness kit with adjustable row bar, handles, and resistance bands of different lengths and strengths for a variety of full-body workout options.


Audio System


Whether you’re playing the top hits of the day, instrumental music, or the soothing sounds of a beach—having in-spa audio makes it easy to leave your device behind and simply focus on the moment. An audio system not only add a layer of entertainment and relaxation but can serve as motivation for fitness exercises.

Bullfrog Spas Swim Series  premium audio system provides rich sound, clear high tones, in-spa subwoofer, and the perfect surround sound experience. You can play music, or your favorite podcast by connecting to your phone or digital audio player.


Control In-App Capability



With the popularity of smart home capability, smart app technology is another accessory option. Smart Control is designed to make your swim spa experience convenient and customized. Swim spa users can effortlessly manage and monitor their swim spa settings remotely using their smart device at any place at any time.


The Bullfrog Spas CloudControl 2 Wifi Module system is both Google and Alexa pairable and allows you to control your Bullfrog Spa from your smartphone or tablet.  You can monitor temperature, lights, pumps, and filtration settings.


Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package



Adding a non-slip aquatic surface package into your swim spa can significantly enhance safety. Traction control systems use advanced technology to minimize the risk of slips and falls by providing a secure grip on the spa’s surfaces. It ensures that users can maintain stability during exercises or leisurely activities. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals engaging in aquatic workouts, as it reduces the likelihood of injuries and enhances the effectiveness of exercises. By mitigating the potential hazards associated with slippery surfaces, traction control systems contribute to a safer and more enjoyable swim spa environment, promoting confidence and peace of mind for users of all ages and fitness levels.


Bullfrog Spas Swim Series spas comes standard with a Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package made with SwimDek® designed with this purpose in mind. They are made with a soft, durable foam that doesn’t absorb water and provides traction. You can also optionally add a premium version for additional comfort and traction.


Swim Spa Zero Gravity Hammock



A swim spa accessory unique to Bullfrog Spas is our Swim Spa Zero Gravity Hammock. The combination of stretch suspension and buoyancy create a zero-gravity effect like you’ve never felt in your life. A zero-gravity water hammock can be used for relaxing muscles, relieving stress, or injury on joints, and allow for the truest form of relaxation ever discovered. 


No matter which accessories you choose, if it makes you happy, and enhances your swim spa experience, that’s all that matters. With these swim spa accessories, you can personalize your swim spa to suit your preferences, whether you’re seeking a rigorous workout, a serene retreat, or a social gathering space. Elevate your swim spa experience and make the most of this versatile investment by incorporating these thoughtful and functional accessories. 

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