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Soup in a hot tub, oh wow

New Hot Tub Soup Mixes Released

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Revolutionary Large Scale Food Substance Released


Soup-du-Spa, 400 gallons of Great Tasting SoupA new brand on the ready-made food industry, Soups du Spa is excited to be doing a great service to humanity with their line of tasty soups packaged for preparation in large volumes.


The new soup line is named Soups du Spa in homage to the preferred preparation method, hot tub simmering. These large volume soups come pre-mixed in 25 or 50 lb. bags perfect for feeding from 1 to 4113 people at one time. Preparation is easy and quick. Simply mix full contents of each 25 lb. package in a large hot tub and turn jets on to the high speed setting.*


Delicious flavors of Soups du Spa include:


  • Tub O’Tomato Basil
  • Large Live Lobster Bisque
  • Noodles-A-Plenty
  • Lots O’ Miso
  • Crap Load O’ Clam Chowder
  • Whole Cow Stew
  • Vat O’ Vegetable
  • Rub a Dub Ramen
  • Bucket of Borscht
  • One-Ton Won Ton
  • Gut Bomb Gumbo
  • Macho Meaty Mighty Minestrone


Buzz from the celebrity community has helped to fuel the massive success of Soup du Spa. Known associates of Emeril Lagasse were contacted for comment and they implied that they absolutely love Soup du Spa with this statement, “I don’t know what the *^@# you’re talking about. I just walk Emeril’s dogs. The dogs I guess might eat that soup in a hot tub…” So, mark down Emeril’s dogs on the long list of celebrity endorsements that are rolling in. Additional attempts to reach Food Network celebrities, executives, and their pets are being ignored.


noodle-spaSoups Du Spa have been tested over-seas in select markets. The Japanese game show circuit has been an especially useful test market. Feedback has been largely positive with many taste testers echoing the sentiment of this taster/contestant, who preferred to remain nameless due to litigation over an incident with huge red balls: “I first (tried) spa soup on a game show. It kinda takes a minute to get over the dry heaves, but pretty soon you’re diving in.”


In a bold distribution move, Soups du Spa will be available only at select authorized hot tub dealers nationwide (where legal) beginning April 1, 2016.


Soup du Spa also has plans for hot tub-scale chili nacho cheese dips and cold cereals to be marketed in states with favorable demographics like Colorado, Washington, California, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Alaska and an increasing list of other places with the right complimentary consumable vegetation. Overseas test markets currently being considered for these products are Amsterdam, Netherlands.


*May void your spa warranty. Spa Soups not responsible for irreparable damage to hot tub filters, jets, or personal health. In certain cases death, extreme nausea, a sticky feeling and a whole lot of vomiting may occur. Not approved by the FDA, not even close.




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