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5 of the Most Unbelievable Hot Tubs From Around The World

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The five most unbelievable and elaborate hot tubs from around the world are noteworthy for different reasons. Some made the list due to unique construction or location and some are just crazy good ideas. In 2005, high end residential realtors and custom home remodeling contractors began to notice increased interest among homeowners looking to make the enhanced spas a big part of their remodeling projects. Unbelievable spas are not just for easing joint pain and relaxing stiff muscles, high-end hot tubs also provide adventure and sightseeing opportunities for others.

1. Hot Tub Boats

Hot Tub BoatsCreative minds in Seattle, Washington created the Hot Tub Boat. Passengers board a 16-foot boat equipped with an large hot tub, airtight storage compartments, a built-in cooler and joystick steering. The vessel can travel up to five miles per hour (mph) for approximately 10 hours. Adventurous sailors can make a voyage in their own hot tub boat for just $42,000 United States dollars (USD).

2. Blancaneaux Lodge

Blancaneaux LodgeDirector Francis Ford Coppola owns a scenic rainforest retreat in Belize. This eco-integrated hot tub is a shining example of opulent luxury and nature-inspired architecture coming together as one. Local artisans constructed the horseshoe unit from locally harvested granite while residual energy from a private hydroelectric plant heats water to a hospitable temperature. Cottages on the property go for a mere $1,890 USD per night during peak season.

3. Molori Safari Lodge

molori-safari-lodgeVisitors to this South African destination resort relax in the heart of a wildlife game reserve. Occupants receive a constant supply of special liqueur and snacks from a personal butler to help them unwind. The lodge can hold up to 14 guests at one time and rates are available upon request only.

4. Hot Tug

Yes, a recurring theme here. Over in the Netherlands, the Hot Tug offers another form of waterfront relaxation. This vessel holds up to eight people and runs on electrical or outboard motors. Instead of operating like a typical electrically heated hot tub, a small stove warms Hot Tug occupants. Priced at approximately $21,000 USD, the designer hopes to attract younger boating enthusiasts looking for a unique conversation piece and a way to impress.

5. Royal Penthouse at President Wilson Hotel

royal_penthouse_president_wilson_hotelThe private, indoor hot tub at the President Wilson Hotel in Switzerland features Acqua di Parma body care. In addition to sumptuous marble flooring, guests enjoy views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps while relaxing. A personal assistant, butler and chef make sure the right snacks and accessories are available at all times. One night in this indulgent slice of heaven costs $81,000 USD.
Hot tubs have certainly evolved into something more than just a bubbling redwood tub or jetted bath. These impressive examples illustrate how spas have become the perfect way to escape your everyday hassles and take a little time just for yourself.




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