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jacuzzi vs hot tub

Jacuzzi vs Hot Tub vs Spa: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re attempting to research hot tubs, you’ll notice the terms hot tub, spa, and jacuzzi are often used interchangeably. But are they actually the same thing? And if not, what’s the difference?


You might be surprised to know that there are differences, and not all these terms actually mean the same thing.

So What is the Difference Between Hot Tub and Jacuzzi?


The main difference between the terms hot tub and jacuzzi is that jacuzzi refers to the brand name Jacuzzi which manufactures hot tubs and spas. The difference between the terms hot tub and spa is minimal. The term spa dates back to ancient times while hot tubs are a more modern take.


What is a Jacuzzi?


Jacuzzi is a trademarked brand of hot tubs, invented in 1956 by the Jacuzzi brothers for the purpose of treating arthritis patients.


The term jacuzzi is similar to the term kleenex. People use the brand name jacuzzi for a hot tub or spa as well as use kleenex for a tissue.


The invention began as an underwater pump that created the bubbles and jet actions that would later become the large tubs we know today.


What is a Hot Tub?


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By definition, a hot tub is a large tub of hot water that is used to relax, entertain, and provide hydrotherapy benefits that can improve your overall health. ‘Hot tub’ is a generic term that originated in the 1970s when hot tubs were exclusively made out of wood.


The expression can be used for any brand of hot tub, whether it has jets, waterfalls, or other features—or no special features even.


Originally, hot tubs began as discarded wine vats and barrels, which people filled with water, which they found various ways to make and keep hot. As time passed, inventions evolved and whirlpools and jets were added, creating the tubs we know and love today.


What is a Spa?


personal luxury hot tub


In contrast to both hot tub and jacuzzi, the term spa originated in early ancient civilizations. The word spa referred to the natural hot springs and mineral pools. People would travel long distances to visit these spas in order to benefit from the heat, the bubbles, and the minerals.


Since natural springs are not portable, eventually, buildings and towns were built up around them to allow residents regular use of the pools. In more modern times, the word spa has become synonymous with hot tub.


Above ground or portable spas have gained popularity around the world. From low-quality inflatable spas all the way to premium spas that can sit up to 10 people. Portable spas are the perfect addition to any home.


The Modern Differences


The hot tub industry has evolved over centuries of time. From humble beginnings of using a hot spring as a spa to now having the ability to jump into a spa right in your backyard.


The terms hot tub, spa, and jacuzzi have become interchangeable in modern language. They have come to mean the same thing to most of us. People will continue to use all three terms to describe the tub of water that is used for relaxation.


No matter which term you use, the health benefits remain the same. It’s up to you to decide on the features and special functions of whichever spa you purchase in order to maximize your hot tub experience to its full potential.


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