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How To Plan The Best Anniversary For Your Spouse

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When you’re married to the man or woman of your dreams, time flies. As each and every year goes by, you celebrate another year that you and your spouse have been together and toast to the many years to come. When you’re busy, the weeks approaching your anniversary quickly sneak up on you. You know the date, you know it’s approaching, but making time to plan a special anniversary can be difficult. While you have good intentions, you and the one you love end up going out for dinner, once again. This doesn’t have to be the case this year. Here are some fabulous anniversary date ideas so that this year your anniversary is memorable.
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#1: Make the First Dinner You Ate as a Married Couple

If you have a bad memory, you might need to creatively ask your honey if they remember your honeymoon and how special it was. Describe a moment that you remember and your spouse will describe their favorite moments. Once you jog your memory, find recipes for the appetizers and the entree you ate. Recreate the meal and have a candlelight dinner at home. After you’re full, surprise your spouse with the first movie you ever watched together and then make time to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the hot tub.

#2: The First Date

Do you remember how nervous and excited you were to go on your first date? Obviously, if you’re celebrating an anniversary, you did something right that night. There’s nothing better than recreating your first date on the day that you’re celebrating being together for 10 years or more. If the place you ate is still in business, go there for dinner. If you parked the car on a hilltop and cuddled under the stars, do that. Reliving your first day is romantic, thoughtful, and inexpensive in most cases.

#3: Do Something New

Your spouse has probably told you several things they have “always wanted to do”. From swimming with dolphins, to skydiving, or learning to paint, there are plenty of things on your bucket list. Experience one of these things with your spouse on your anniversary. A hot air balloon ride, renting a secluded cabin, or scuba diving are more great options.


Most importantly, spend time with the person you love. After all of the planning you’ve done, you can’t let your phone or your tablet get in your way. Turn off the electronics, focus on the person you love, and make this the most memorable anniversary of them all.

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