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Hot Tub Exercises to Keep You Active

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With the help of a hot tub, you can reach your weight loss and fitness goals with more comfort and less risk of injury. Hot tub exercises work and stretch your muscles without releasing as much myoglobin into your bloodstream, a protein associated with muscle injury your body releases during hard exercise.


Hot Tub Workouts for Each Muscle Group

High impact exercises like jogging can result in shin splints, making it difficult to run without pain. Other exercises such as weight lifting can lead to joint and muscle pain, with more problems as you age.

Fortunately, exercising in a hot tub help you lose weight, is easy on joints, and builds muscle effectively.

Take advantage of the health benefits of your spa by implementing these hot tub exercises into your workout routine.


With your body submerged up to your neck, extend both arms outward with your palms facing downward. Cross your arms over your chest, one over the other, and draw them back to the same position. Repeat this exercise to work your shoulders.

Afterwards, bring your hands down to your sides, this time with your hands cupped. With your cupped hands pointed in front of you, bring your hands up with some force, bending at the elbow so only your forearm is moving. Once your hands are near your chest, invert your hands so they face in front of you again and bring them down towards your sides.

Repeating this hot tub workout will stimulate the triceps and biceps.

Chest and Back

With your arms and chest submerged, reach your arms out to your sides. Keep your hand flat, fingers together, and thumbs pointed upwards. Bring your hands together like you’re clapping, with straight arms and relaxed shoulders.

In addition to working the chest, this hot tub exercise can also work the back and shoulder blades by doing it backwards.


In a sitting position with shoulders submerged, cross your arms together on top of your chest like you’re giving yourself a hug. Extend your legs in front of you and lean forwards and then backwards (like a sit-up or crunch) and let your legs rise with buoyancy for more stability and added difficulty if you want.

Another effective hot tub exercise for your core are Aquatic Russian Twists. In the sitting position, raise your legs to the surface of the water. With both hands, touch the seat to your left slowly then repeat on the other side.

Thighs and Glutes

In the standing position, with your feet shoulder length apart, bring your arms out in front of you and squat down until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Repeat this move and try not to hyperextend your knees to avoid joint pain. For more resistance, stand on one leg for your squats and use a nearby seat as support.


While standing straight up, focus on a spot in front of you for balance. Raise your entire body by lifting your heels until you’re standing on your toes. Do this exercise on one foot to add more difficulty. Use a nearby seat for more stability if necessary.

After Your Workout in the Hot Tub

A healthy lifestyle involves more than just a workout. It involves good nutrition, healthy environments, a positive self-image, and perhaps most importantly, an escape from stress.

It’s important to stretch before and after your workouts. Remember to relax and let the water jets message away your stress after your workout for a few minutes.

A quick, cold shower afterwards will treat muscle inflammation, decrease the risk of soreness and close the pores on your skin.

Building hot tub exercises into your routine is a comfortable and relaxing way to tone your body and keep you looking great.



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