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How to Safely Install an Outdoor TV in View of Your Hot Tub

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It’s not uncommon for people who imagine their ideal backyard designs to consider installing an outdoor TV. These days, most of us live and die by our electronic devices, even when attempting to relax.


But electronics don’t necessarily always mix well with outdoor weather conditions, and they especially don’t mix well with hot tub water. So how is one to go about creating this ideal situation you’ve dreamed up in your head?


We will stick to the DIY side of things for this article, but keep in mind that you can always hire an expert to design, install, and mount a TV.


Outdoor TVs


outdoor tv with hot tub


You can purchase an outdoor, waterproof TV, which is likely your best option. Make sure to decide where you intend to place it before purchasing, as outdoor TVs are made to function differently under different conditions.


For instance, the TV lighting should be different depending on how much time the screen will be shaded, partially shaded, or fully hit by sunlight. Placement will also affect the size you can install and how it’s installed, so keep this in mind as well.  


TV Enclosures / Covers


If purchasing a new, waterproof model is not an option for you, we suggest using a TV that is maybe older than your most recent indoor upgrade. Decide the size of TV you’re going to install and consider planning the installation around it. For these, you can purchase a waterproof LCD TV enclosure that is made to protect your electronic components from the weather.


In this case, you will need to make sure your power cables remain short and protected at all times. For this option, you will also need to connect the TV to exterior speakers rated for outdoor use; otherwise, the sound could be lost within the enclosed space, leaving you without sound.


In addition to waterproof enclosures, it is also possible to purchase or design furniture that can store a TV when it is not in use and reveal it when you want to use it. This furniture can be costly but fun and a great way to make the most of your space. Plus, this usually means that the TV moves wherever the furniture moves, so it doesn’t have to remain stationary forever.


Use a Projector


A more creative option might be to use a projector. Focus on a spot where there is a wall or fence available on which you can project an image or one where you can hang or install a projector screen. Design your viewing preferences around that area, and install your projector accordingly. Be sure to plan to use external speakers to be sure to hear the programming.


The good news is that projectors are becoming more affordable and versatile than ever due to the advancement of technology. Projectors can now work with smart TVs or attachments to stream your favorite programming the same way you would a TV.


Build a Gazebo


hot tub tv in gazebo


If your spa is not already under cover of a gazebo, patio, or roofline, this might be an excellent time to consider if a gazebo would be an optimal use of your space. Since installing a TV near your hot tub is not a little design choice, it might be to your benefit to establish a permanent covering over your hot tub and the area surrounding it.


This would create an extra level of protection for any electronics—TV, speakers, towel warmers, etc.—that you choose to keep handy near your hot tub. As a bonus, it also protects spa users from the elements.


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How Close to the Hot Tub?


Assuming that you’re attempting to install a TV near your hot tub, we should also discuss how near (or far) it should be from the large body of water to keep spa-users safe. Due to the chemical makeup of your spa water, any electrical cords that might be exposed or anywhere close to the hot tub should be bonded in order because anytime electrical components are involved, safety hazards come front and center. 


Consulting an Expert


As always, we recommend that you consult with an expert in your area to ensure your installation plan will be safe and effective for your yard and space. They can help you stay safe with your planning, as well as advise you on the best options for installing a TV on your budget and within your available space.  


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