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Are Hot Tubs Safe? How to Be Sure

What to Know About Pools and Hot Tubs: Tips for Safety

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People sometimes ask: “Are hot tubs safe?” It’s a fair question, and the answer is generally yes. However, as is the case with any body of standing water you do need to take the correct precautions to avoid accidents. We’ll give you a few tips to think about when you’re planning for a safe hot tub environment.


First, Consider Safety at the First Stages of Planning

Your home and backyard can be enjoyable and present an atmosphere of stress-relieving fun and relaxation. It’s amazing to consider the different pool and spa designs you can plan to achieve this. Pools and hot tubs create an enjoyable and fun way to relax, but if you plan to have either in your backyard it is important to investigate what you should know about pool and hot tub safety before you buy or build.


Pools and hot tubs are becoming more and more prevalent as an at home luxury, even in homes that wouldn’t be considered luxury homes. It is estimated that in 2012, there were over 8,000,000 pools in the private sector. Additionally, there are approximations of more than 270,000 pools in the commercial sector. The hot tub numbers are higher, likely approximately 5,000,000. But don’t let their popularity lull you to sleep in terms of safety. It’s important to evaluate your own home to be sure you have the proper set up to avoid accidents. If you don’t have a secure yard, or you live in an area that doesn’t allow fencing, you may just have to reconsider or take more than normal safety precautions.


Safety Covers Over Pools and Hot Tubs

Installing a cover over a pool or hot tub is vital. Pool and hot tub covers along with pool enclosures can decrease the possibility of accidental drowning. When children and adults who cannot swim are exposed to uncovered pools, they can slip or fall in it. Presently, only about 24.9 percent of pools and hot tubs have covers. By installing a manual or automated motorized cover, the chances of accidental drowning fall sharply.


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Fences with Locked Gates

There are unfortunately many drowning accidents reported in the U.S. each year that could be prevented. Many of these reports involved children who were not authorized to enter a pool or hot tub area. Most of these drownings take place when there is just one swimmer or accidental fall and no one available who could assist in the prevention. A fence or some other apparatus will prevent unauthorized access to the pool or hot tub. Fence and Gate Alarms will also help to prevent unauthorized entry.


Pools Alarms and Fences/Gates Alarms

Often, owners of pools are not aware that there are special alarm systems. These would indicate and notify someone if a pool was entered without authorization or in the absence of other people. There are many types of pool alarm systems such as a:

  • Sub-surface detection alarm
  • Pool immersion alarm
  • Surface wave detection alarm
  • In-ground pool guard alarm



Although these pools and hot tubs are exciting, and a source of relaxation for several people, many of them are unsafe. The lack of care or supporting equipment could cause accidents and jeopardize lives. These are a few simple steps that could greatly increase security and peace of mind when owning a hot tub or pool.



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