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Home Made Hot Tubs

Homemade Hot Tubs

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These home made hot tubs are, well… AWESOME!

Portable hot tubs have been around for years and are now exceptionally refined, comfortable and therapeutic. However refined they are, they still seem to miss an audience that wants a relaxation station that’s just a little more temporary, portable, beer-fueled, or just plain trashy (pun intended). So conformists beware! Napolean Dynamite (yep he’s pulling a Where’s Waldo in one of these) and the classiest folks around think these homemade hot tubs rock!


 The Great Dumpster Dive

It’s crafty and trashy all at once. This fella has taken a metal dumpster and retrofitted it into a homemade hot tub! What’s most impressive is that it seems to have all the necessary piping for some soothing jets and a convenient ladder – you won’t see any of that in your average DIY hot tub.

Dumpster Hottub
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Igloo’s Plan B

Adults need not apply (unless you’re extremely small); however, this kid is King for a Day in his common Igloo Cooler turned not-so-common personal hot tub. Well done son – gold star.

cooler hot tub
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Zero Points for Presentation

No, the shell of this hot tub clearly isn’t homemade but it’s still got a little something about it that lands it on the most wanted list, of homemade hot tubs that is. Placed on a deck that may have been designed by Walter White, and surrounded by barrels full of water, yes water, aesthetics and overall presentation don’t seem to be major concerns. There’s something brewing here for sure.

Home Made Hottub
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The 3 B’s Tub

In the middle of the Australian Outback, one mustn’t be too picky about their soaking tubs. This metal drum seems to be placed in the middle of nowhere and left alone to be heated by the beaming sun, body heat and a bottle of booze coursing through the veins.

Outback Hottub
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Timber Tub

While most homemade hot tubs are crafted out of anything that will hold water with minimal effort (steel drums, barrels, garbage cans, etc), our ten gallon hat goes off to the wood-worker who took the time to hollow out a tree to be used as a most natural hot tub.

hollow tree hottub
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Obviously The Ideal Hot Tub

When your electricity goes out and your fancy “manufactured” hot tub becomes useless, just place a steel drum over your fire pit, put a match to it and watch nature run its course. Unlike most homemade tubs, this one is even name brand – although it’s doubtful that the bathing experience is anything close to “ideal.”

The Ideal Hottub
image source:

I Like to Weld

The creator of this DIY hot tub is most likely a welder – just a guess. This metalurgic craftsman seems to have spent more time on the metal aesthetics of the heating apparatus than he did fabricating a comfortable soaking tub. Kudos, the propane tank monster looks great. The tub itself, not so much.

Welder's Hottub
image source:

Beer Bath

If you ever secure a sponsorship from a beer company, just stack all the free beer cases you can gather in a square, line the empty space in the middle with a tarp and voila – a bonified hot tub that will never ever get cold (as long as you keep emptying the cases that surround you).

beer hot tub
image source:

Hard Times Tub

This tub is somewhat reminiscent of something you’d see in The Dust Bowl circa 1930. If you’re down on your luck, and the flowers won’t grow, simply repurpose the planter for a good ol‘ fashion soakin’ tub. It should only take a couple dusty 100-degree days before it’s ready for ya. After that, you can forget all about those hard times a get to relaxin’.

Hard Times Hottub
image source:

The Tarp Tub

Here’s how to college: find a truck bed, line it with a big blue tarp, run a hose, get beer and see what happens. Definitely lacking in creativity, these college kids must have used all their brain-power in the classroom, right? Well you geniuses at least deserve an “A” in Makeshift Hot Tubs 101.

The Tarp Hottub
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