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Combine Your Workout With Water: Increase Results

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Most people know that regular exercise is an essential factor in a healthy lifestyle.


Of course, keeping active and taking part in an exercise routine can be difficult, especially as you age or if you are struggling with physical disabilities or injuries. While it is still relevant to get a regular workout, finding the most effective way to get your exercise while also minimizing the stress on muscles and joints is definitely important. Low-impact aerobic exercise is essential for good health; fortunately, combining your workout with the resistance and gentleness of water can be an excellent solution.


Use What You Already Have


Obviously, not everyone has the room or the financial resources for a full-size pool, but a hot tub can provide the same benefits of water exercise for a fraction of the price. The important thing to consider when choosing a hot tub for exercise is the amount of room you will need for your workout. While a small hot tub can be sufficient if you are planning to exercise alone if there will be two or more people, a larger hot tub will give you the room you need. Additionally, while exercising in water can certainly help increase the results from your workout, you need to remember that you are still exercising, and you must follow the same precautions as you would be if you were not in the water.




Stretch it Out


You should start your workout with gentle stretches and warm-ups to help get your muscles ready for exercise. The water will help keep movements gentle and precise, which can help define muscle tone and improve endurance. Of course, with the water resistance, your workout will require more muscle to make the movements and this extra resistance can increase the effectiveness of all of your exercises. As you continue your workouts, the added difficulty that comes from exercising in the water will culminate in greater results in a shorter period of time.




Health Benefits


Fortunately, even though you are able to increase your results when you work out in a hot tub, it is also essential to keep in mind that the health benefits of lower impact exercise can be very beneficial for many people. The impact of water resistance combined with the buoyancy of the water can dramatically add to the effectiveness of your workout, creating an excellent opportunity to stay physically fit; however, it is still possible to get dehydrated when working out in water, so stay hydrated and do not overdo the exercise. Work gradually to increase the length and difficulty of your exercise routine.


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