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Bullfrog Spas vs. Sundance Spas: A Comparison Guide

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When it comes to creating your own level of paradise—be it in a backyard, on a balcony or deck, or an inside space—there’s no addition quite as spectacular as a hot tub. You can call it a trend if you want, but the truth is that physical and mental health choices are more of a lifestyle, and there’s no denying that regular hot tub use can—and should—be part of that lifestyle.

But the market is big, and there are lots of brands to choose from. How does a person even begin a search like this? This is why we’ve created the comparison guide series, in which we compare Bullfrog Spas® side-by-side with other brands to help you find the best hot tub for you. This particular article will cover Bullfrog Spas versus Sundance® Spas, but be sure to give a glance to Bullfrog Spas vs Jacuzzi®, Bullfrog Spas vs HotSpring® Spas, and Bullfrog Spas vs Caldera® Spas.

Let’s get down to business.


Hot Tub Features


Sundance® Spas

For a quick rundown of feature basics, Sundance® Spas offer a SmartTub® System, which works with an app on your phone to adjust and control your hot tub settings and utilize the features. In addition to the app, Sundance® Spas offer an intelligent control pad that can be used to regulate efficiency, lock the spa, and is well-lit for easy night use.

The Sundance® Spa website also highlights the beautiful and functional spa lighting, a quick-release access point for spa maintenance and draining, an exterior indicator light that tells you when something in the spa isn’t functioning properly, Rigid Bond™ proprietary shell laminating process that “increases thermal retention properties,” a synthetic base, and a SunStrong® skirt, which is UV resistant synthetic cabinetry.

They have a comprehensive and open definition of each of their warranty terms on the Sundance website, so that’s a nice thing too.


Bullfrog Spas®

In comparison, Bullfrog Spas offers the option for the CloudControl 2™ WiFi module, which gives hot tub owners the option to control their spa from a smartphone, or a home-integrated smart system, like Amazon Alexa or something similar.

Bullfrog Spas focus on personalized, interchangeable massages, which are only available through spa models made and sold by Bullfrog Spas. So, the focus there is powerful therapy, which is possible due to the JetPak Therapy System® that is designed to use significantly less plumbing than conventional spas. JetPaks™ allow individual users to choose their favorite massage option, and place it in their favorite seat, then change them around however they like. This system is completely unique to Bullfrog Spas.

The Bullfrog Spas company is also proud of the reliability of our spas. On our website, you’ll find a full rundown of what is used to build each spa, including the patented design EnduraBase® and EnduraFrame® that are the base and frame that hold the entire spa together.

In addition to this, we offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry, and all the information about this warranty is listed and easy to find on the website.


Jet and Therapy

outdoor hot tub jetpak personalization

Sundance Spas offer their patented Fluidix® Jets. According to their website, “Fluidix® jets operate without bearings that can clog or parts that wear out, combining air and water to create highly refined massage sensations.”

Furthermore, “Every Fluidix®; jet is assigned a distinct role, uniquely designed to simulate a specific massage action. Air-only jet streams feel like delicate fingers massaging soft tissues. Other jets act more like strong hands deeply kneading large muscles. Some even mimic the rapid, stimulating techniques of Eastern massage therapies.”

Bullfrog Spas feature the patented JetPak Therapy System™. “Each Bullfrog Spas JetPak™ provides a unique hydromassage experience by targeting different areas of your back, neck, and shoulders and varies in power and intensity. Personalize your spa by selecting your favorites, and placing them in your preferred seat, then change it whenever you like. With up to 18 different JetPak options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect massage for you.”


Quality and Reliability

hot tub on rooftop

By using synthetic materials to build the base and cabinet of each spa, Sundance® Spas is on the right path, and while we’re not positive exactly what synthetic materials are being used, it’s a step in the right direction to get away from using wood or steel frames, since both can be deteriorated by time and weather. They also offer an upgrade for EcoWrap® Insulation, which is particularly helpful in harsh winter climates.

The Quick Drain™ system is intriguing. If they’ve made it quick and easy to drain and refill spa water, that’s a definite bonus, since spa water should be changed every four to six months. The Quick Release access panel looks handy as well—though, most people who purchase a spa do so hoping that they don’t need to get to the components immediately, or in any very near future.

Each Bullfrog Spa is built on our patented EnduraFrame™ support structure; a sturdy molded ABS spa frame made with no wood or metal, so it will never rot or corrode. In addition, ALL Bullfrog Spas are sprayed with full foam insulation. Bullfrog Spas’ 100% closed-cell, full foam design insulates the spa completely to prevent heat escape, even in the coldest climates.

Bullfrog Spas don’t offer a quick drain system, but they do offer a number of standard and upgraded simplified water care options that help keep water clean and clear for much longer than average, which means there are fewer occasions which require draining and replacing the spa water. And, as is part of the CEC standards, each spa does come with a drain.


Energy Efficiency

hot tub store energy graph square
From the Sundance Spas website, “Efficient Heater. Heating element transfers heat to the water, increasing thermal efficiency and resisting corrosion.” And then they mention the optional insulation upgrade we mentioned above.

While Bullfrog Spas offer hot tubs that are “Lower Cost to Own and Operate. Everyone says it, but data actually shows that Bullfrog Spa models are the most energy-efficient hot tubs in their class. You’ll use up to 28% less energy when compared to other leading spa brands.”


Style and Design

The Sundance Spas 980 series claims to be “loaded with modern, thoughtful details. Wrapped in breathtaking cabinetry and offering more ways to relax than ever before…” There isn’t a lot of mention of style or design about their 880 series and 780 series, but about the 680 series, the website claims, “Our 680™ Series features customer favorites like waterfalls and cup holders, all with renowned Sundance® quality.”

The Bullfrog Spas website offers in-depth descriptions about the style of each of our spa series.’ For instance, “M Series™ spas combine intuitive functionality, gorgeous aesthetics, and the most versatile layouts ever seen in portable spas, together with Bullfrog Spas®’ legendary JetPak Therapy System™, to create the most elite spa experience available today.”

About the award-winning Stil models, it says, “STIL™ spas set the standard in modern hot tub design and functionality. Elegantly modern, STIL represents a new concept in holistic wellness.”


Water Care

When it comes to water care, Sundance® Spas lists nothing about it on their website. After combing through all the pages a number of times, we utilized their search bar to search the following terms, “water care, chlorine, bromine, salt water, sanitation,” and got nothing. Perhaps each individual spa dealership can help with this, but their online searchability brings up nothing in this area. Bullfrog Spas offers the “FROG® @ease® water care system, which creates fresh clean mineral water, while self-regulating SmartChlor® technology maintains low chlorine levels. With FROG® @ease® in your spa, you’ll use up to 75% less chlorine, reducing the need for shock treatments to once a month, while protecting swimwear and skin.” “EOS™ O3 is a revolutionary automatic water purification system that eliminates impurities using the powerful oxidation properties of O3 gas. This unique three-part system works by generating ample amounts of O3 gas, combining it with spa water in an isolated high-contact mixing chamber, and then filtering out over 99% of excess ozone to prevent negative off-gassing effects.”

“The dedicated Wellspring™ filtration pump is a quiet, vibration-free circulation pump that is more than eight times as effective as standard filtration pumps.”


Model Comparison


2022 Sundance Spa Series

980™ Series: 4 spa models, ranging from 5-6+ seats
880™ Series: 7 spa models, ranging from 2-6+ seats
780™ Series: 5 spa models, ranging from 2-6+ seats
680™ Series: 6 spa models, ranging from 2-6+ seats
Sundance® Splash™ Series: 3 spa models


2022 Bullfrog Spas Series

Swim Series – Performance Class: 2 spa models, ranging from 9-13 seats
M Series™ – Elite Class: 4 spa models, ranging from 7-10 seats
STIL™ – Modern Class: 2 spa models, ranging from 4-6 seats
A Series™ – Luxury Class: 9 spa models, ranging from 3-9 seats
R Series™ – Premium Class: 7 spa models, ranging from 3-8 seats
X Series™ – Comfort Class: 7 spa models, ranging from 3-8 seats


Pricing Comparison

Whenever you’re comparing prices on big-ticket items like hot tubs, there are a whole lot of variables based on models, add-ons, and location. In order to get an accurate price for the spa that is right for you, the best thing you can do is to visit your local hot tub dealer (or multiple dealers if you can) for more information. You can also visit the company websites and often get a pricing estimate based on the features and options that are most important to you. In this case, both brands are in a similar pricing class as long as you make sure you’re comparing the right level of spas.



When it comes to making large purchases, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase and schedule for delivery. A great way to do this is to read customer reviews. What other consumers have to say about each brand can be educational and often brings up thoughts, ideas, or points of view you wouldn’t otherwise have considered. In addition, it helps to look at multiple reviews that cover a multitude of topics, so you get a bigger picture of the ins and outs that other hot tub purchasers have experienced.

Good luck with your hot tub search.


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