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Hot Tubs for Two: Everything You Need to Know About Two-Person Spas

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What is the Best Two Person Hot Tub?

Determining the best 2 person spa can depend on individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific features that are important to you. Whether you’re a couple without children, empty-nesters nearing retirement, or a single person with a limited amount of space, if you’re in the market for a two-person spa, we’ve got answers for all the hot tub questions swimming around in your head.


Two-Person Hot Tub Dimensions


Let’s start with dimensions. Every brand and type of hot tub is made a little differently, so until you land on a specific one, there’s no way to get exact dimensions on a spa. However, most two to three person hot tubs fit somewhere between five and seven feet in length, width, or diameter. Common dimensions for two-person hot tubs is 7’x 5’8”. It is a great hot tub for small spaces.


Layout Options

Dimensions are one thing; the layout is another. When you’re making an investment purchase, it’s important to make sure that you’re spending your money on something that serves a specific purpose. For instance, some small hot tubs that are created specifically for two people include dual lounge seating that allows for massage jets to hit each person in multiple targeted areas. Some have one lounge seat and one normal seat. Other options include triangularly designed seating, with a convenient corner-fitting configuration.


Benefits of Small Hot Tubs

Ideal for couples without children, empty-nesters nearing retirement, or individuals seeking a more personal relaxation space, these small hot tubs offer many benefits.

One of the key advantages is saving costs, as smaller hot tubs require less water to be heated, leading to lower energy expenses. By opting for a more modest size, you contribute to environmental sustainability.

Beyond the economic benefits, a smaller hot tub creates an intimate setting for meaningful conversations with your significant other. The cozy space encourages quality time together, making it a perfect addition for couples looking to unwind and reconnect.

Consider a small hot tub, it can become a place for relaxation, and self-reflection, and a practical option that could become a part of your daily routine. Whether you seek solace after a long day or a tranquil space to ponder life’s moments, a compact hot tub offers a convenient and personal retreat.


Pricing for Two-Person Spas

Depending on your personal preferences and the needs you are trying to meet by purchasing a spa, pricing for a two-person hot tub can range anywhere between $2,000-8,000+. Keep in mind that you’re paying for quality, features, and a handful of optional add-ons that will help to personalize your spa to your needs, so that price point is a sliding scale from person to person. On average, 2 person hot tub prices range from $2,000 to $7,000 or more. Spa types such as inflatable spas would be at the lower end while higher quality, well-built spas with better therapy options and warranties will be at the higher end.


Should I get a 110V or 220V Two-Person Spa?

What’s the difference between a 110V or a 220V spa? A 110V spa is what is often referred to as Plug-and-Play, meaning that it is created with a system that requires less power, and thus is able to be safely plugged into a standard 110V outlet. In choosing a 110V, you lose the freedom allowed by certain options, such as different jet speeds and water circulation pumps. However, if you are unable to have a 220V electrical panel wired to your hot tub location, the 110V is your best option for utilizing a spa that requires minimal power. You can still enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, regardless of electrical capacity.

A 220V spa will be equipped with more than one pump, and so it requires more power to run the jets, the temperature controls, the lighting, and any other features you’ve chosen in a spa. This allows for more freedom of choices when you are deciding on which spa is right for you. Plus, more power means a deeper, stronger massage experience. By investing in this electrical capacity, you open up a world of additional options for all your hot tub needs and desires, now and in the future.

How Many Gallons is a 2-Person Hot Tub?

The capacity of a 2-person hot tub can vary depending on its size and design, but generally, these small hot tubs have a water capacity in the range of 200 to 300 gallons. It’s important to note that specific models and manufacturers may have different capacities, so it’s always a good idea to check the product specifications for the exact volume of water the hot tub can hold.


Can I Put a Two-Person Hot Tub Indoors?

Most people put their hot tubs outdoors for a variety of reasons, including ventilation, size, weight, and drainage capacity. But if someone really wanted to put a two-person hot tub indoors, it is possible, especially for a smaller spa. We always recommend that you consult with a professional about these things, but you will need to be sure you have sturdy, waterproof flooring, some sort of drainage, and excellent humidity ventilation, along with proper electrical wiring.


Two-Person Bullfrog Spas Models


The A5L is a 2 person spa and part of our luxury class of spas is the most feature rich compact two to three-person hot tub on the market today. It’s small enough for indoor, patio, and balcony installation, yet it is as comfortable and therapeutic as a spa twice its size, and features a comfortable lounge seat that includes your choice of 2-3 JetPaks for ultimate personalized relaxation. This spa is also available in 120V  configuration.



The X5L is part of our comfort class of spas and provides basic features and accessories. Compact and intimate, this hot tub fits into tight spaces indoors or outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy a romantic night with your spouse or enjoy a private soak after a workout and let the affordable hydromassage features take your worries away. This spa is also available in 120V configuration.


Two-Person Hot Tub Reviews

Read what others have to say about the best 2 person spas.


“The A5L is great for 2 people. It is the ultimate spa for 1. The quality lives up to the hype.” – Gary C.


“Bought our Bullfrog R5L in 2016 and absolutely love it! It’s the perfect size for two people and doesn’t take up a lot of room on our patio. The jet system is very customizable and we bought two extra jetpacks to swap out when we prefer a different type of massage. We use our spa almost every day and the R5L is easy to maintain and keep clean too! We’ve owned other brands of spa in the past and we highly recommend a Bullfrog spa over the others!” – Darron S.


“I’ve had my X5L hot tub for 1 year and love it. Would recommend it to anyone. Last winter we had 2 weeks of -20 and the tub ran like a champ!!! Easy to maintain and the local dealer is always helpful.” – James R.


Design Your Own 2 Person Hot Tub

Use the Bullfrog Spas online Design Studio tool to choose your spa model, colors, JetPaks, and accessories. You’ll then receive an instant price quote and your local dealer’s contact information.



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