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questions to ask when buying a hot tub

What Questions Should You Ask When Buying a Hot Tub?

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If you’re considering investing in a hot tub, you’re probably wondering where to start with your research into which brand and what type of spa is best for you. With so many options and details to consider, you might feel slightly overwhelmed about where to start and what bringing a hot tub home might look like.


We put together a list of questions you can ask dealers to ensure you have the information to make the best possible decision.


1. How long has your dealership been in business?

This might seem like an odd question, but there are details to consider. For instance, if you purchase a spa from a new dealership that is just starting, will they have the knowledge and ability to perform any follow-up or warranty service that might become necessary? Do they have the training to get your spa delivered and installed the first time correctly? What was required for them to open their dealership?


On the flip side, if you purchase from a long-established dealership, is there a long wait for service calls? Do they have the staff available to get to you quickly and efficiently when you need help?


2. Is this brand produced by a reputable manufacturer?



When you buy a car, the manufacturer’s reputation plays a big part in that decision-making process. Likewise, the manufacturer is something to consider when you purchase a spa. Here, you will determine which companies produce high-quality products and how willing they are to stand by those products.


A few questions to consider here might be:

  • What is included with my hot tub purchase?
  • What optional accessories can I purchase to go with my spa?
  • What are the jet options?
  • Is the spa customizable to my therapy needs and design tastes?
  • Does the cover come standard, or is that considered an option?
  • What type of warranty is available, and what does it cover? Does the warranty cost extra?
  • Do you get a lot of service calls on this particular model or brand?


When you ask these questions, note which brands offer the most important features to you.


3. What after-purchase services do you offer?


This brings us back to the discussion of the warranty mentioned above and the delivery service. And speaking of warranties, you’ll want to know which brand offers the best warranty and which parts of the spa are covered. Keep in mind not all hot tub warranties are created equally, so you should be sure the dealer you choose to go through is capable of handling any potential issues that might arise.


What about water care? Does your dealership carry specific water care products and systems? Are they able to help you with problems you cannot solve independently? Do they have multiple options for human-friendly chemicals? Who will teach me to care for my hot tub?


In addition, do they carry accessories that you might wish for down the road? Will they continue to carry these accessories, or is their presence a limited-time special? What about replacement parts? Are they readily available, or would they have to be ordered?


Most importantly, you’ll need to know if the dealership offers delivery and installation of your spa purchase, and if so, how much that will add to your costs. You will also need to know an approximate turnaround time between purchase and delivery to be ready for the day that the hot tub can indeed come home with you.


4. What is the out-the-door cost?


out the door hot tub costs


Sticker shock is common in the hot tub/spa purchasing world. Luckily, many spa distributors offer financing to help make that big purchase easier to bite off and chew. You must understand the total price of what you’re getting before you apply for the financing. Every little addition will change the required minimum payment amount. However, financing allows people to add on a few extras that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Just make sure you know what you’re paying for upfront!


5. Where / How is the hot tub made?


Knowing where your hot tub is made will help you understand the length of time it could take for your hot tub or special ordered accessories or replacement parts to arrive.


Asking how your hot tub is made should help you gather valuable information about the functionality of the spa you’re choosing, specifically energy and water efficiency and costs associated with those details. In addition, it will help you to understand what your water-care future might look like. More information you could get into includes:


  • What are the base and internal frames made of?
  • What is the cabinet (or exterior) made of?
  • What is the shell (interior part, where you sit) made of?
  • How is the spa insulated to keep the heat in?
  • How many pumps does my spa have, and how does that affect its performance?
  • Do the jets require additional maintenance aside from water care?
  • How loud or quiet is the spa when it’s running?
  • How long should my hot tub last?


6. What are the average energy usage costs for this particular spa?


hot tub energy costs


Let’s face it. Energy is at a premium these days, which will not change anytime soon. Efficiency is a must for us, so finding a spa that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars to run every day is critical. Luckily, many spa manufacturers have made significant progress in developing energy-efficient models. This is a detail you’ll want to know before finalizing your purchase. Remember that just because a particular spa costs slightly less on the sticker doesn’t mean your power bill won’t go through the roof down the road. No one wants a surprise like that. No one.


7. Can I get references from other customers?


No, this is not a strange question to ask. It’s normal and, honestly, a great way for dealers to be transparent in handling customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to these customers and learn about their real-life experiences with your chosen dealer. It’s unlikely they’ll tell you not to purchase through that dealer, but if they did, wouldn’t you want to know why before making your purchase there?


We know. It’s a lot to think about. A lot of questions to ask and ponder. But don’t worry! Once you’ve got the information to make an informed decision, you’ll be able to de-stress in your beautiful new hot tub—which you won’t regret choosing because you took the time to learn about it before you bought it.


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