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For more information on Bullfrog Spas or to coordinate story ideas please contact Online Marketing Manager, Jake Ricks, using the following methods.

Phone: 801-565-8111

Bullfrog Spas executives, including President & CEO, Jerry Pasley, are available for interview by request.

Company Information

Bullfrog International, LLC is a privately held company founded in 1996 in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. The company operates primarily as a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium portable hot tubs under the Bullfrog Spas® brand. Bullfrog International also manufactures and distributes a selection of related spa accessories and pool-building products.

Bullfrog Spas' premium hot tub lines are manufactured using a proprietary and patented plumbing system called the JetPak Therapy System™. JetPaks® are removable and interchangeable jetted spa seats, each engineered with a unique jetting array to produce a therapeutic and relaxing massage sensation. JetPaks® allow the owner to completely customized the massage experience of their Bullfrog Spa at purchase and to modify and enhance their spa's jetting at any time now or in the future with other JetPaks®.

Brief History

Bullfrog Spas has a rich history beginning with founder, David Ludlow, and his idea for engineering a more reliable portable spa. That idea transformed into the JetPak Therapy System™ and Bullfrog Spas were born. This initial spark of ingenuity ignited a fire for innovation in portable spas that continues to fuel Bullfrog Spas today. Bullfrog International is today the fastest growing company in the premium portable spa category. Our history flavors our present. Today we're known for designing for our customers, doing things a little differently and never compromising on quality.

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Media Relations

Bullfrog Spas has an open and media-friendly corporate attitude. Our focus is on continual improvement and Bullfrog Spas has been honored with numerous awards in and out of the pool and spa industry. Additionally, several current and past employees and executives have been recognized by the media and with awards in their respective fields. Bullfrog Spas also has a philosophy and long history of supporting charities and causes in the areas of education and health.

Bullfrog Spas employees, including executives, are open and available for interview requests.

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