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A time honored tradition of healing and relief through hot water therapy.


Hydrotherapy, Health & Wellness for Every Body

What is Hydrotherapy? And How do Hot Tubs Help?

We get asked: "What is Hydrotherapy?" often. Yes, it's a term we don't generally use everyday. We probably have an idea that this is therapy with water, but really what does hydrotherapy mean? More importantly, what does hydrotherapy mean for you personally and for your health and wellness?

Hydrotherapy is clincally defined as:" The external use of water in the medical treatment of certain diseases, conditions and ailments." In short, hydrotherapy is the act of using water to treat everything from sore muscles to stress and even such things as diabetes and arthritis.

Today's portable hot tubs are the perfect tools for hydrotherapy, and no hot tub provides better personalized hydrotherapy than a Bullfrog Spa with the JetPak Therapy system.

Hot water therapy, personalized for you…

hot water therapy
Ancient Roman Bath

Hydrotherapy – Ancient Methods, Modern Benefits

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medical treatments. Historical records show the treatment of ailments, diseases, and pain with hot water has been effective for centuries. Today modern experts, especially in sports medicine, mental health, and physical therapy, use things they may call hydro spas, hot tubs, hydro pools or whirlpools to provide hydrotherapy for a range of people.

Ancient cultures around the world have known the healing power of soaking in natural hot springs or man-made hydro spas, hot tubs or hydro pools. From Rome to Japan, Egypt to Greece, and from ancient times to today, hydrotherapy has been used to treat arthritis, stress, muscle and joint pain, musculoskeletal disorders as well as insomnia.

Discover the power of modern hydrotherapy with your own Bullfrog Spa. Our patented JetPak Therapy System delivers a soothing hot water hydro massage treatment to virtually any part of your body.

Healing through hot water…

Wellness and Health at Home

Wellness has never been so enjoyable! No need for day spas, expensive resort spas, or exclusive hotel spa retreats. Wellness can be found in your own backyard and it can be fun. Your hot tub from Bullfrog Spas will help you live well and improve your health at the times most convenient for you.

At-home spas can help prevent illness, relieve harmful stress, and encourage you to live in a more healthy and natural way. A Bullfrog Spa can add years of happy healthy living by encouraging you to slow down, meditate, and to relax your body and mind. You will feel tranquil, connected to your surroundings, and more energetic. Your daily home spa wellness routine will also help to strengthen your heart and reduce your stress. enjoy life, simply by taking a little precious time for yourself.

Health and wellness through hot water…

Hot Tub in Spa Setting
Design the Perfect Outdoor Room with a Hot Tub

The Safe and Natural Way to Sleep Better

Your Bullfrog Spa can help you to sleep better and longer. A hot tub can solve some of the causes of insomnia like stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. A scientific study showed that people that immerse themselves in warm water within the hour before bed, fall asleep more easily.*

Take advantage of sleeping more soundly by taking time for yourself in the only spa with massaging JetPaks.

*Sung and Tochihara. (2000) Effect of bathing and hot footbath on sleep in winter. Journal of Physiological Anthropological Applied Human Science, 19, 21-27.

Rest easy, every night…

Support Your Fitness with a Hot Tub

You know there are no short cuts to better fitness. It takes dedication to exercise, diet, and healthy habits. You can, however, help to support your healthy lifestyle with something easy - a regular soak in your Bullfrog Spa. You'll feel more energy, recover faster, and feel more relaxed with less tightness.***

Hot water therapy with a strong hot tub massage, provided by your favorite JetPaks, will help you maintain an active and more physically rewarding lifestyle. Warm water therapy can help you loosen stiff muscles and joints, reduce swelling, manage pain, and recover faster. For those with a medium to intense fitness regimen, immersion in hot water has been shown to reduce soreness by 40 percent according to Men's Health Magazine.*

Live fit…

Exercise and Weight Loss Support
Exercise and Fitness Support

Exercise Better with a Bullfrog Spa

Immersing your body in a warm spa can actually decrease swelling by way of the pressure that the water exerts on blood vessels.*** Low impact exercises, such as hot tub yoga and water aerobics, can even be done right inside of your spa. The bouancy effect of water immersion lessens the impact of gravity on joints. The feeling can be very liberating and relaxing while you get the benefit of exercise. Studies have also shown that when recovery exercise, such as calisthenics and pilates is combined with water therapy, patients experience an increased range of motion and decreased levels of pain.**

  • *Quill, Scott. (2007, Jan-Feb). Reduce soreness by 40 percent. Men’s Health, 22, 46.
  • **Hinman, Heywood, Day (2007). Aquatic physical therapy for hip and knee osteoarthritis, Physical Therpay, 87, 32-43.
  • ***Consult your physician before beginning a fitness program or using a hot tub as part of your fitness program.

Exercise more, lose weight, feel better…

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