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Jesse is a husband, dad of 3, and maker. His recent DIY project was a spa oasis for his backyard.

Jesse’s Spa

Spa Model: M7

Cabinet Color: Timber

Shell Color: Solitude

JetPaks: AcuTherapy, Alleviate, NeckRelief, Rainshower, Spinal Heatlh


“We want to be the place where my kids want to hang out and we thought you know what a spa and building an entire area that is a perfect start to that.``

Get to Know Jesse

When did you become a maker?

I started being a maker merely out of necessity. We needed a coffee table built and I didn’t want to spend $200-300 on a coffee table.  So, I built myself a very terrible coffee table that lasted us quite a while.

What is your proudest accomplishment as a maker?

Building my shop

What was the process of building the spa oasis?

So we wanted to build our entire area around Bullfrog Spa from pouring the concrete to building the complete deck around it, so it can kind of showcases the spa and the pergola on top. We built the spa oasis to last years.

What is your favorite JetPak?

My favorite JetPak is the spinal health. I love it because I like whether it’s a hard day at work where we’re in the shop all day or we’re digging holes or sprinkler lines or whatever it is in our backyard that one just seemed to give the most relief.