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David served in the United States Marine Corps. While in service, he carried packs and heavy gear for long distances. In 2000, he was hit by a car riding his bike causing him back trouble. To help, he decided to get a hot tub.

David’s Spa

Spa Model: X6L

Cabinet Color: Platinum

Shell Color: Harbor Gray


``We looked at cheap ones and then just on a whim we pulled in to the Bullfrog Spas store in Moore. The owner let us in even though he wasn't open yet.``

Get to Know David

What spa did you get and why?

The Bullfrog Spa dealer let us in even though he wasn’t open yet. Then he talked us into the X6. It works great for my whole family.

How does your spa help you with a peaceful body, and how can it help others?

The spa helps me relax and just connect spiritually as person. I get the benefit of being alone if I want or the company of my wife. It helps my body relax.

Why did you choose Bullfrog Spas?

I wanted to get one that I would not have to rebuild the wood. Then I also wanted the ease of the panels to come off if and when maintenance was needed. We looked at cheap ones and then just on a whim we pulled in to the Bullfrog Spa store in Moore.

What is your advice to those thinking about getting a Bullfrog Spa?

I haven’t said anything about the customer service, which blows any others out of the water. They weren’t just trying to make a sale from me. I have told all my Veteran buddies about Bullfrog Spas.