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Active Family

Jayson and Lally are constantly busy with work, raising three kids, and staying active.

The Catubay’s Spa

Spa Model: A7L

Cabinet Color: A7L

Shell Color: Driftwood

JetPaks: Rainshower, Oscillator, Gryrossage, Versa


“I have a bad back. The JetPaks relax my muscles. I also get tension headaches after playing basketball and the spa helps.”

Get to Know the Catubays

How has your spa helped you?

The thing that motivates me to get out for my run every day is I get fresh air. I get to enjoy the most gorgeous scenery. I feel like I’m taking care of myself so then I can go ahead and take care of my kids.

Why did you choose Bullfrog Spas?

My husband was doing a ton of research when we decided we wanted a spa. He read every review he could find and everything pointed to Bullfrog Spas.

How does your spa help you with a peaceful mind, body, or home?

For years, I tried to run a sub three marathon there [Boston] and I finally did it. I ran a 2:54 and I was healthy. It was such a proud day for me.

What is your advice those thinking about getting a Bullfrog Spa?

We love getting in our Bullfrog Spa together. It’s one of our favorite activities because it feels like a little escape from normal activities where we get to relax.