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What Makes the Best Hot Tub Ozone Generator?

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You may be wondering what ozone has to do with anything when it comes to water. Isn’t it an environmental element? As in, you know, the sky? Well yes, technically it is that. The EPA tells us that O3 (aka Ozone) is a highly reactive gas made from three separate atoms. But ozone also exists in a lot of other places and has an important purpose. It’s basically like nature’s favorite cleaning element.

The ozone layer in the sky is like the environment’s filter for harmful UV rays from the sun. You can buy ozone air purifiers for your home and office, too. So, it makes sense that it can also be used in water to help with sanitation and filtering there.


What is a Hot Tub Ozonator?

Basically, a hot tub ozonator, or ozone generator as it is sometimes called, gets attached to a jet, which then injects ozone gas into the water where it breaks down contaminates like lotion, soaps, body oils, saliva, and other potential impurities and pushes them out of your hot tub water. Bam!

There’s a science to how this works, which is super interesting. It has to do with splitting atoms that attach to the oxygen molecules in the water and help reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water sanitized.

Basically, if your hot tub has an ozonator, the water stays clearer and cleaner with less work and fewer chemicals because the ozone enhances the ability of the chemicals to keep the water clean, making them last longer and go further than ever before. In addition to this, ozone gas is compatible with all types of chemicals. It’s not particular to any one specific type of system, so it can benefit ANY hot tub water system.

Now. Let’s say you get an ozonator and it extends the life of your chemicals, does that mean you still have to drain and refill your hot tub as often? The answer is no. On top of lengthening the life of your chemicals, it also lengthens the life of your hot tub water. Some hot tub owners have reported going from changing their water quarterly to yearly after adding an ozone generator to their sanitizing system.


Do I Need an Ozonator for My Hot Tub?

Maybe. Maybe not. Technically, your hot tub can function without it. However, this is one of those cases where you either pay the cost up front or down the line. Do you pay the cost to install your ozonator now, even though it add to the cost of your hot tub purchase, or do you pay more for the chemicals, and use more of them, for the life of your spa? It’s a tough decision for some people, but if you consider it a necessity in the beginning, and factor in the cost of adding it on when you make your initial purchase, the cost savings down the road can be significant.

Cost savings aside, because ozone is a natural gas, and because it requires the use of far fewer chemicals, it’s a more natural and gentle way to achieve clean, clear spa water. This means that it’s healthier for your body, and creates less wear and tear on your spa equipment.


How Much is an Ozonator for a Hot Tub?

Typically, ozone generators, or ozonators, start between $200 and $1000 and go up from there. For instance, if you were looking to purchase the Bullfrog Spas EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System, you’d find it listed for somewhere in the $775-$800 range. To add on the Wellspring™ Ozone Purifier System will cost between $300-$350.

When you consider the amount of money you’ll save monthly on chemicals, the system ends up paying for itself over. Plus it’ll save you time and stress since caring for your spa will be easier. That’s significant.


What is the Lifespan of a Hot Tub Ozonator?

Generally, an ozone generator should last at least three to five years or longer. During that time, some might require cartridge replacements that have varying lifespans themselves. It’s important to choose one that will last as long as possible, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth. For instance, the EOS™ O3 has cartridges that can be replaced every two years, and because of that, the system itself lasts much longer than average.


Bullfrog Spas Ozone Options


EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System


The EOS™ Enhanced O3 System is a revolutionary water purification system that generates as much as two times the amount of ozone as standard systems*, charges spa water with free ozone more effectively, sanitizes spa water better, and destructs nearly all of the residual O3 gas. EOS has been third-party validated to kill 99.9% of the microorganisms that could be found in spas.


WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System

The WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System features corona discharge electrode technology that creates ozone which increases the purifying oxidation potential of your spa’s own water. Keep your spa clean and significantly reduce the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed.


Hot Tub Ozone Generator Reviews


We’ve had our Bullfrog A8 for about 4 months. It was the best thing we’ve ever purchased!! Ours has the ozone filtration and we use the FROG @ease mineral and chlorine cartridges and it’s the easiest maintenance ever!!! We love our hot tub!! – Tina C.


We are very happy with the spa chemicals system and with the Ozone maker, our water is clear as a mountain river !!! thanks for a great design and quality manufacturing.” – Michael O.


We bought our A6L just over a year ago for our small family. The features we loved on day 1 are still our favorites. The moveable jet packs are still moved around on a regular basis depending on who is in the tub. The EOS system has functioned flawlessly and dramatically improved the water stability.” – Dale R.


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