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is it okay to use a hot tub everyday

Is It Okay to Hot Tub Every Day?

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We get it, life has changed dramatically in the last few years, and we’re now more cautious about everything. It’s hard to want to invest in a large purchase, like a hot tub or spa, and not feel like you can use it enough to get your money’s worth. Good news! It is okay to hot tub every day if you choose. Even better news, using it daily can benefit your health.


Studies on this topic agree that people who use their spa daily have less pain in their muscles and joints, they claim to have more energy, get better, deeper sleep, and some even reported minor weight loss. There are many ways to use your spa daily to benefit your body and mind.


Benefits of Everyday Use


Relaxation and stress relief


relaxation and stress relief


Using a hot tub every day can help you loosen up and be prepared for your day or wind down after a busy day of work. A hot tub is perfect for forgetting life’s stresses and enjoying warm water temperatures.


Hot tubs provide the ideal environment to promote relaxation and stress relief. A hot tub’s warm water, calming waterfall, and mood lighting all encourage you to take a deep breath and forget your worries.


Muscle and joint pain relief


Having your hot tub is like having a personal masseuse to cater to your needs. Anytime your back aches, your neck hurts, or you feel worn out, step into your spa and enjoy its powerful jet massages.


Studies show massage therapy relieves and heals sore muscles. Hot tubs have strategically placed jet massages to target your back, neck, shoulder, and leg muscles. Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak Therapy System even provides interchangeable jets so you can target the unique muscles that need relief and recovery that day.


Higher quality sleep


sleeping peacefully


Hot tub use is also associated with better sleep. After sitting in a hot tub, your body temperature increases with the water. Once leaving the hot tub, your body temperature decreases which can help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.


Not only can a hot tub help you physically it can also help you mentally by putting your mind at ease so you are able to fall asleep peacefully.


If you want to learn more about how a spa can help you sleep, check out this blog post How to Get Better Sleep With a Hot Tub


Why Daily Self Care is Good for you


hot tub exercise


Maybe it feels a bit like a trend, but practicing self-care can be critical to creating a peaceful life. Utilizing a hot tub daily contributes to your mental and physical health in positive ways that we don’t always consider. In addition to the above-mentioned physical benefits, time spent soaking in your hot tub gives you an opportunity for calm reflection. It can often be an ideal intimate setting for essential conversations between family members.


When soaking in a hot tub becomes part of your daily routine, your benefits increase. Try it for 30 days and see for yourself!


When is it not okay to use a hot tub every day?


hot tub cover

While sitting in your hot tub regularly can be exceptionally beneficial, there are times when it’s important to proceed with caution and utilize the advice of your primary care physician to ensure everyone’s safety. Pregnancy is an example of one of these times.


Doctors urge pregnant women to use caution. If you use a hot tub, be sure the temperature is below 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and be careful not to allow your body temperature to rise.


Small children should use caution and always be supervised by an adult. And if you have a severe medical condition that might be worsened or exacerbated by using a hot tub, it’s not a great idea to use one.


Bottom Line


If you are wanting to use a hot tub every day, do it! Your body will thank you. If you don’t have a hot tub, now is the perfect time to design yours!


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