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Can You Keep Your Hot Tub Water Cold?

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What if your hot tub could also be used cold? Is it worth the hassle? What are the benefits of keeping it cold? Can hot tubs even be cold?


Just because it’s called a hot tub doesn’t mean it is always required to be kept hot. Maybe this idea has just blown your mind, or perhaps you’ve wondered about this already and that’s what brought you to this article in the first place.


Depending on where you live, summer days can get up to the high 90s or low 100s. Using a hot tub in the summer may not be as relaxing until you turn down the heat.


Not only can you cool down in cold hot tub water, but there are also health and economic benefits.


What Are the Benefits of Keeping Your Spa Cold?


  1. You can ditch the grocery store kiddie pool and use a nicer spa to cool off.
  2. Cool water is said to shrink your pores, tighten skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and help with sleep.
  3. You save money on utility bills.
  4. It’s an economical alternative to a full-size pool.
  5. Cold water has refreshing qualities which release endorphins and get your blood pumping.


How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cold


hot tub cover


First, you should lower the temperature settings on your spa control to a cooler temperature, perhaps even the lowest setting allowed.


Next, open the hot tub cover to let the heat out, and leave it open to keep the water exposed. Then run the jets to circulate the water, and set them to run every two hours to keep the water moving. Circulation is an automatic cooling motion.


Finally, once you’ve done all those things, if you’re still needing to bring the temperature down, you can always add ice. We suggest using block ice as it will hold its shape longer, and once it has melted, you can see that your spa is ready.


When to Keep Your Hot Tub Cold



Honestly, the decision to make your hot tub cold is up to you. Whether or not you live in a climate that is warm more often than cold, you might choose to keep it cold throughout most of the year especially during the summer heat.


Conversely, if you live somewhere that is more often cold, you might never need to cool your water temperature. Just make sure to keep in mind the care of the plumbing system wherever your hot tub is kept, and never leave your spa empty in freezing temperatures without discussing what needs to be done to protect the pipes from cracking.


We recommend that if you intend to cool your hot tub you wait until late spring or early summer, whenever that happens where you live, so your spa usage isn’t interrupted due to temperatures.


However, you ultimately decide on your water temperature to enjoy your hot tub how you like!


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