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should you buy a cover lifter?

What Is a Hot Tub Cover Lifter? Should You Buy One? | Bullfrog Spas

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So, you’ve finally rewarded yourself and purchased a hot tub. The hot water, jet massages, and tranquil mood lighting will get you in a peaceful state of mind and de-stress your achy body time and time again. Now you can relax and rejuvenate in your backyard anytime you need a little self-care.


You’ve browsed your hot tub options (such as color choices, water features, and audio systems) and decided what you’d love to include, but only have one question, “What is a hot tub cover lifter?”


Bullfrog Spas is your expert on all things hot tub. Here are the basics, including why you should consider an easy lift spa cover, the different types that are available, and how to install one.



What Is a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

A hot tub cover lifter (also called an easy lift spa cover) is a mechanism for helping you quickly and easily remove and replace your hot tub cover. The lifter fits onto the side of your hot tub (or underneath) and connects to the cover. The lifter is designed to work with hot tub covers that fold in the middle.


To make a hot tub cover lifter work, you simply fold the cover back on top of the lifter bar, lift a few inches at the fold and push gently, and the cover will lift off of the hot tub. Some lifters hold your cover off the side of your hot tub and some hold your cover upright, creating a privacy wall.



Do I Need an Easy Lift Spa Cover?



hot tub cover lifter

The short answer is no; you don’t necessarily need an easy lift spa cover. However, there are a few reasons you might really want one.


  • While hot tub covers aren’t heavy, they are a bit bulky and can be burdensome to remove and put back on without assistance. This is especially true if you are an older adult, have limited mobility, or are trying to do it on your own.
  • If it has rained or snowed, having a lifter lets you remove the cover without getting yourself soaked from ice and water running off the cover and onto you.
  • Spa covers can be easily damaged when handled without care. They should not be put on the ground, even for just a moment, as this can damage the surface, insulation, or frame.
  • You may want added privacy while in your hot tub. Many lifters hold the cover-up vertically, preventing outsiders from viewing in.


The choice is up to you. Do these reasons justify getting a spa cover lifter? For most people, the answer is yes.



Types of Spa Cover Lifters



There is a type of spa cover lifter for every need. Here are just a few of the options available for hot tub owners.


Hot Tub Cover Shelf: The most cost-effective cover lifter is basically a shelf that mounts to the side of your hot tub. To use, simply fold your cover and slide it onto the shelf. There are a couple of downsides to a hot tub cover shelf, though. They take up quite a bit of space and don’t actually help you lift, remove, or replace your cover.


Manual Pivot: For this type of lifter, a long metal bar goes over the middle of your cover with each end mounted to your spa. Once you fold your cover in half over the bar, you can lift up the cover and push it back where it hangs vertically.


Hydraulic: This lifter is operated the same way as a manual pivot lifter, but because it has hydraulic pistons incorporated into the lifter bars, your cover can be removed with one hand since the lifter is carrying all the weight.


Gliding: To use a gliding lifter, simply lift, glide, and fold away your cover. It is a great option if your hot tub is located in a tight space because it doesn’t require much clearance.


Automatic: An automatic hot tub cover lifter uses a motor to do all the work of moving your cover, which is especially useful for large or bulky sizes.



There are also two different ways that cover lifters can attach to your hot tub:



Deck Mount: The two supports for the lifter are drilled into the sides of the hot tub. This style only works on square or rectangle-shaped spas.


Freestyle or Understyle: The base system slides under the spa and uses the spa’s weight for support.




How Much Room Do You Need for a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

The clearance you need for a hot tub cover lifter depends on the size of the cover and the type of cover lifter you choose. Hot tub shelf covers can require up to 4 feet of clearance, typical folding cover lifters require about 2 feet of clearance, gliding lifters require 14” of clearance on the back of the spa, and some upright cover lifters only require 7” of clearance. As for the sides of the hot tub, cover lifters generally need only 3” of space.


How Do You Use a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

To use a hot tub cover lifter, you must first install it. Hot tub cover lifter installation isn’t difficult, but it does require a few tools and some basic know-how.


Of course, you should follow all instructions included with your swim spa cover lifter, but here are some general instructions:


  • If you have a traditional lifter that must be mounted to the back and/or side of the hot tub, you will need to measure, mark, and drill guide holes for the lifter brackets.
  • Once the brackets are installed, the slider and pivot arms need to be attached to each other and placed into the brackets.
  • Then, lay the center bar across the middle of your cover and insert each end into the support arms.
  • Fasten all the sections together.
  • If you have an automatic or smart cover lifter, speak to a Bullfrog Spas expert for hot tub cover lifter installation recommendations.



To use your hot tub cover lifter, you’ll either manually fold the cover and push the crossbar up and out of the way, or you’ll press a button on the control panel, a remote control, or your smartphone for the cover to be removed and replaced automatically.



Buy a Hot Tub Cover Lifter Online

A hot tub cover lifter is a convenient and efficient way to remove and replace your bulky cover while offering protection from damage and injury. If you’re in the market for an easy lift spa cover, consider buying one from Bullfrog Spas’ online shop.

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